UpDesk Replacement Ultra (3-Stage) Leg Only


UpDesk Replacement Ultra (3-Stage) Leg Only

+ UpDesk replacement 3-stage (Ultra series) leg manufactured by LINAK.

+ Available in Black, White, and Titanium.


$180.00 Estimated To Ship In 5-7 Business Days
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Ultra Frame by LINAK

The UpDesk “Ultra Frame” (manufactured by LINAK) is made with compact, 3-part electric lifting columns. It is specifically designed for use in commercial applications, and UpDesk has brought it to the consumer market.

The 3-piece construction of the “Ultra Frame” ensure smooth and precise electric lifting ability no matter how much desktop gear you have (rated for over 350+ lbs) or how tall you may be (accommodates over 98% of the general population). The UpDesk "Ultra Frame" moves synchronously with dual motors (one for each leg) for added strength and stability along with a compact motor housing, which is almost invisible to the user. The lifting columns are sturdy enough that a crossbar is not needed on any electric lift UpDesk standing desk.

The UpDesk "Ultra Frame" is available in black, white, and titanium to fit into a wide range of desk designs and aesthetics.