Smart Desk Controller w/ Bluetooth and Automatic Drive


Smart Desk Controller w/ Bluetooth and Automatic Drive

+ Features Bluetooth compatibility (for programming and setup), automatic drive (moves automatically between height presets), and 4 height preset controls.

+ Compatible with all current electric-lift UpDesk models and most legacy powered UpDesk models.


$89.00 Estimated To Ship In 5-7 Business Days

Meet The New UpDesk Smart Desk Controller

The “Smart Desk Controller” is the most advanced standing desk controller available on the market. It features automatic drive (you don’t have to press and hold the preset buttons to reach your predetermined height), Bluetooth® technology, 4 memory positions, a digital display featuring the UpDesk logo, and a light strip reminder for you to alternate between sitting and standing. The controller is activated by tilting the desk controller in the same direction as the desk is intended to drive, which makes it extremely intuitive. It features a modern, discreet design with a glossy surface with an integrated display for a clean and minimalistic design. The display provides guidance to you when operating the desk and desk controller. The LED halo light strip reminds you to change positions via pulsating green and orange light. Using the integrated Bluetooth® technology and downloading the "LINAK Desk Control App," you’ll be reminded via notifications on your Mac or Windows desktop and iOS or Android smartphone.

Download the LINAK Desk Control app on the iOS App Store or Google Play

Download Desk Control App for iOS Download Desk Control App for Android