UpDesk Ultra Standard Adjustable Standing Desk
UpDesk Ultra Standard Adjustable Standing Desk
UpDesk Ultra Standard Adjustable Standing Desk


UpDesk Ultra Standard Adjustable Standing Desk

+ Curved 1.25” thick high-pressure laminate desktop.

+ Balanced LINAK dual motor frame for extra strength/stability.

+ Includes "Smart Desk Controller" with automatic drive, 4 presets, and the ability to pair with your iOS or Android smartphone.


$1,099.00 Estimated To Ship In 5-7 Business Days
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Bluetooth "Smart Desk" Controller

The “Smart Desk Controller” is the most advanced standing desk controller available on the market. It features automatic drive (you don’t have to press and hold the preset buttons to reach your predetermined height), Bluetooth® technology, 4 memory positions, a digital display featuring the UpDesk logo, and a light strip reminder for you to alternate between sitting and standing. The controller is activated by tilting the desk controller in the same direction as the desk is intended to drive, which makes it extremely intuitive. It features a modern, discreet design with a glossy surface with an integrated display for a clean and minimalistic design. The display provides guidance to you when operating the desk and desk controller. The LED halo light strip reminds you to change positions via pulsating green and orange light. Using the integrated Bluetooth® technology and downloading the "LINAK Desk Control App," you’ll be reminded via notifications on your Mac or Windows desktop and iOS or Android smartphone.

Download the LINAK Desk Control app on the iOS App Store or Google Play

Download Desk Control App for iOS Download Desk Control App for Android

Ultra Frame by LINAK

The UpDesk “Ultra Frame” (manufactured by LINAK) is made with compact, 3-part electric lifting columns. It is specifically designed for use in commercial applications, and UpDesk has brought it to the consumer market.

The 3-piece construction of the “Ultra Frame” ensure smooth and precise electric lifting ability no matter how much desktop gear you have (rated for over 350+ lbs) or how tall you may be (accommodates over 98% of the general population). The UpDesk "Ultra Frame" moves synchronously with dual motors (one for each leg) for added strength and stability along with a compact motor housing, which is almost invisible to the user. The lifting columns are sturdy enough that a crossbar is not needed on any electric lift UpDesk standing desk.

The UpDesk "Ultra Frame" is available in black, white, and titanium to fit into a wide range of desk designs and aesthetics.



Available in a variety of premium desktop materials (high pressure laminates (HPL) and medium density fiberboard (MDF) options)
Height-range of 23.5" to 49.5" (26.5" to 52.5" with optional casters)
Weight capacity: 375lbs+
Low noise level (approximately 55 decibels)

Two 27" reinforced steel footings with included adjustable "levelers"
UpDesk "Smart Desk Controller" with automatic drive, 4 presets, and the ability to pair with your iOS or Android smartphone
LINAK 3-stage telescoping legs with dual motors (max. thrust: 1,200 N per leg, max. speed: 38 mm per second, standard stroke length 650 mm)
2 integrated cord management channels
Mountable power strip with 6 outlets (10 ft. power cord, access for 2 wall outlets, 15A/125V/1875V, 2" W x 11.5" L x 1.5" D)
5-year limited warranty

Need grommet holes? No problem. We can drill grommet holes into your desktop for no extra charge. After you've placed an order, send us a message on our Contact Us page with your order number, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

**Note: The turnaround time for your desk may be extended by an additional 3-4 business days for adding grommet holes.


How large are your desktops?
UpDesk offers 3 standard desktop sizes:
Small (48” x 30”)
Medium (60” x 30”)
Large (72” x 30”)

Need a custom desktop dimension? Click here to submit a custom desk request.

What are the shipping boxes weights and dimensions?
Each of our electric lift UpDesk models ship in two to four parcels (depending on the size/model you select): box 1 (or 2) contains the desktop and pre-mounted bracketing, and box 2 (or 3 & 4) contains the frame, adjustable legs, cabling, and hardware.

Small (48" x 30")
Desktop Box - 51" x 32" x 5" @ 43lbs
Frame Box - 29" x 28" x 12" @ 63lbs

Medium (60" x 30")
Desktop Box - 63" x 39" x 5" @ 73lbs
Frame Box - 29" x 28" x 12" @ 63lbs

Large (72" x 30")
Desktop Box - 75" x 39" x 5" @ 83lbs
Frame Box - 29" x 28" x 12" @ 63lbs