Our Story

UPDESK is a leading brand supplying top performers with the highest quality standing desks available. Period.

We were actually born out of a 45-year old healthcare company that has been designing and building sit/stand solutions for over a decade.

In other words, UPDESK is not going anywhere and has the experience needed to develop long-lasting products and relationships. Whether you’re looking for 1 or 1,000 standing desks, UPDESK is your solution.


UPDESK is not the cheapest standing desk option available… and there’s a good reason for that.

UPDESK leads the competition in quality of components. We use electronic lifting systems from LINAK, who is consistently rated as the best height-adjustable frame supplier in the world. We integrate their Danish-designed components to provide the best quality, and the best designed, standing desk possible.

UPDESK certifies that our Pro desks meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA furniture industry quality standards. The tests to meet these standards include: vertical stability under a load, concentrated load bearing, distributed stability under load, and leg strength testing, just to name a few. Not everyone can make these claims. UPDESK can.

UPDESK is not only designed for your office space, but also for your home. UPDESK, paired with LINAK’s Danish design, fits seamlessly with principles of “Hygge”, which focuses on minimalist design aesthetics that is sure to be a timeless piece in any setting.

Born in Nashville

UPDESK manufactures most of our components in our Nashville, Tennessee factory and secure other parts from Kentucky and Denmark in order to bring you the highest quality, longest lasting, most trouble-free sit-to-stand desks around.

The Showroom

Visit the UPDESK Showroom (by appointment only) to see our available standing desk models.

One Nashville Place
150 4th Ave North
20th Floor
Nashville, TN 37219

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