What makes UPDESK different from its competitors?

There’s only a handful of suppliers around the world who manufacture electric-lift frames for height adjustable standing desks, and UPDESK has partnered with the very best supplier for our Pro series - LINAK (Danish designed + commercial grade).

Our Pro series desks meet or exceed applicable ANSI/BIFMA furniture industry quality standards. Not everyone can make these product claims for its quality and longevity. UPDESK can.

Is there an “automatic drive” feature on all UPDESKs?

All Pro series UPDESKs come standard with the Bluetooth Smart Desk Controller that offers an automatic drive feature (aka - you don’t have to press and hold the preset buttons to reach your predetermined height) as well as the ability to pair with your iOS or Android smartphone to help create and motivate a healthy sit/stand routine during your work day.

Will my UPDESK be tall enough (or short enough) for me?

The height ranges of all of our height adjustable standing desks accommodate over 95% of the population. The height range of all Lite series sit/stand desks is 27.75 inches up to 45.25 inches. The height range of all Pro series sit/stand desks is 23.5 inches to 50.5 inches (26.5” to 53.5” with optional casters). 

Can I buy UPDESK components separately for my own custom build (DIY)?

UpDesk offers “DIY Frame Only” options to fit any application of do-it-yourself standing desk. Take a look at our “DIY Frame Only” and components on our store here.

My UPDESK isn’t moving. What should I do?

Most likely, your desk does not have any power. Check the wall outlet that your desk is plugged into for power. Check to ensure that the power cable is seated fully into the desk’s control box located underneath the desk top. Double check that all cables (power cable, motor cables, etc.) are fully seated underneath your desk.

If you are still experiencing issues, click here to contact us.

I’m seeing an error code on my controller and/or my desk is not moving properly. What should I do?

If you see any error codes on your UPDESK (for controllers with a display) or if your desk has stopped functioning normally, the first troubleshooting step is to re-initialize your UPDESK. Follow these steps exactly:

  1. Press down on your controller until the desk will not go any lower. Release.
  2. Press and hold down again on your controller for 5-6 seconds. You should feel the desk make a slight bump. Release.
  3. After the bump, press up on your controller and the desk should function correctly.

If you are still experiencing issues, click here to contact us.

How much weight can the UPDESK hold?

The UPDESK Lite series of standing desks has a lifting capacity of 175 lbs. The UPDESK Pro series of standing desks has a lifting capacity of 375 lbs. 

How fast does the UPDESK raise and lower?

UPDESK electric lift LINAK lifting columns (available on the Pro series of standing desks) raise and lower at 38mm per second.

What is the decibel level of the UPDESK when raising or lowering?

UPDESK electric lift LINAK lifting columns (available on the Pro series of standing desks) raise and lower at approximately 55 decibels.

How easy is it to assemble the UPDESK standing desk? What tools do I need?

Most of our UpDesk customers have told us that it takes approximately 20-25 minutes to assemble. We recommend using a drill to speed up the assembly process (and having an extra friend around doesn’t hurt, either…)

How long is the UPDESK’s power cord?

The power cord included with your UPDESK is approx 10 ft. long.

How much power does the UPDESK standing desk motor use?

Your UPDESK Pro draws .1 Watt of power in standby mode (when not actively in use).


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