Did you know sitting is the new smoking? In fact it may even be worse than smoking. For millions of people who spend at least eight hours every day sitting at a desk in a cramped office chair sitting is the killer that no one knows is wreaking so much havoc...at least until now.

Over the past few years countless studies Ted Talks and articles have popped up all over the world that finally shed light on the dangers of sitting. We decided to pull together everything together with a definitive list of the top ten reasons why sitting all day is slowly killing you.

  1. Most people are at work roughly eight hours a day. If you spend six or more of those hours sitting at your desk you are actually 40-percent more likely to die within 15 years.

  2. And exercise won't help. Since two hours of sitting cancels out 20 minutes of exerciseeven if you log-in an hour at the gym everyday that's pretty much like not working out as much as you think it is.

  3. Sitting at work is not about lack of exercise. It's about a lack of movement both in your muscles and your major organs. For one thing electrical activity in your leg muscles shuts off.

  4. Sitting dramatically slows down your body's ability to process and breakdown fats and sugars. Your heart also beats slower and you burn way less calories.

  5. And then there's your back. Looking like a hunchback isn't the only negative to come out of being slumped over that desk chair. Bad posture leads to at least ten other problems.

  6. Sitting actually leads to even more serious diseases too. Like cancer. And heart disease. And 34 other chronic illnesses.

  7. But physical health isn't the only thing that suffers when you sit in that office chair all day. Sitting also leads to increased risk of depression and chronic stress.

  8. And all that brain power? That drops the longer you sit too. When your muscles aren't moving and pumping fresh blood and oxygen through your brain your brain function slows just like the rest of your body.

  9. Plus when your brain moves slower you think less creatively and collaboratively. Which leads to a lot less work and a lot more zoning out.

  10. And then ultimately you are not nearly as productive at work as you could be.

There you have it. A definitive list about how with sitting one thing leads to another until pretty much every single part of our body and mind suffers. Have we sufficiently ruined your day? Keep reading... there's good news!

Although there are countless reasons (or in this case ten) that sitting is killing you there's just ONE way you can address all of them while at work. And we bet you can guess what it is. A stand up desk of course. Not only does a height adjustable desk like the SquaredUp corner desk or brand new GeekBeat UpDesk look awesome in your office the physical mental and work benefits of a standing desk are actually more numerous than the negatives of sitting. Give UpDesk a call today and just say no to the harmful effects of sitting!

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