Why the UPDESK Home is the Best Standing Desk for the Classroom

There is a lot of compelling research that suggests that standing desks help students and teachers alike and can potentially improve classroom performance. Ideally, the perfect standing desk will allow a user to move from a seated to standing position (and back to seated), with minimal disruption, whenever the body feels the need to move around for maximum benefits.

But with so many options available on the market, it’s hard to know what the best standing desk option is for the classroom.

Here’s why the UPDESK Home Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is the ideal standing desk for any classroom:

The UPDESK Home is Quiet, Yet Powerful

Avoiding major disruptions in the classroom is key when it comes to helping students focus. While there are options that might seem appealing for their lower price point, often they are noisy or require complete concentration to raise and lower. The UPDESK Home quietly and quickly raises and lowers with the simple press of a button.

The UPDESK Home Ideal for Multiple Users

Aesthetically pleasing and built with a modern design, the UPDESK Home is not only visually appealing in any environment, but it also allows for multiple users--be they students or educators--to use them, no matter their ability or size.

With a single motor housed towards the back of the unit, the desk lifts and lowers out of the legs and is able to sustain an impressive 175 pounds of equipment. The black desktop is 60”x30” and made with high-pressure laminate (HPL) and is available in a black, wood-grain finish to make it durable.  

Automatic Drive

The UPDESK Home features an easy-to-use controller that has 4-automatic presets. Using a function called automatic drive, multiple users can easily adjust the height of the desk to their preset-height with the click of a button. Just as easily, users can also raise and lower the desk by clicking another button from anywhere to 27.5-inches, at its lowest setting, to 45.25 inches, at its highest setting. This means that almost any user, regardless of their height, will be able to find a comfortable, ergonomically ideal setting without derailing their concentration in the classroom.

The UPDESK Home is Easy to Move Around

The UPDESK Home is easy to move around with two integrated wheels. Whether teaching children or graduate students, most educators know how the seating structure impacts the learning environment. The integrated wheels in the UPDESK Home allow students to quickly and easily move their own desks to set up the ideal classroom setting that is conducive to the subject and instructor’s teaching style.

The UPDESK Home is Affordably Priced

With all of the quality and power that the UPDESK Home provides, it was originally priced for home users, but the financial benefits certainly transfer to educational settings where budgets are often tight. However, if you’re interested in purchasing multiple units of the UPDESK Home, UPDESK is proud to offer discounts for bulk orders.


For more information about the UPDESK Home, to learn about bulk discount purchasing options, or to talk to a team member, please visit our website today. Interested in a more custom setup due to more unique needs? Please also visit our accessories page for cable management systems, mounts, and a range of options.

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