You've wanted a standing desk for a while now but you can't afford it and/or you're not prepared to present the idea to the boss. Maybe you already have a standing desk and your friends think you're crazy for standing up at work. Does any of this sound familiar?

It can become difficult and discouraging if you're not really sure how to approach this topic. Because there are so many articles about standing up and the problems associated with extended sitting it all kind of gets lost in the shuffle. Information overload.

Instead of throwing in the towel or accepting you're a weirdo I've laid out twelve articles that should become your "go-tos" when pitching a standing desk. You'll notice these articles are broken down into different categories and contains a quick summary for your browsing pleasure. Depending on your specific situation use all of these articles or just a few.

The Benefits Of Standing Up

1. New York Times -

2. Wall Street Journal -

QUICK SUMMARY: Outlines a few companies who have already made the switch to standing desks and the surprising amount of employees who are interested in them. Also presents research of the negative impacts of extended sitting.

Longer Life

3. WebMD -

4. Bloomberg -

QUICK SUMMARY: Integrating standing up while working can add 2+ years to your overall life span. Both of these articles lay out the facts.

Ill Effects Of Prolonged Sitting

5. The Huffington Post -

6. Mashable -

QUICK SUMMARY: Contains six new reasons why sitting is bad for you and includes an awesome infographic which helps to paint a picture.

Sitting Is The New Smoking

7. CBS San Francisco -

8. Discovery News -

QUICK SUMMARY: Proves that extended sitting has similar negative effects as smoking. There's even a helpful video covering the topic.

Links To Diabetes

9. Diabetes In Control -

QUICK SUMMARY: Shows how standing up more can avoid diabetes by 30% and women who sit for 7+ hours a day are likely to develop type II diabetes.

Links To Kidney Disease

10. National Kidney Foundation -

11. NBC News -

QUICK SUMMARY: Brand new research and studies claiming sedentary behaviors can now be linked to certain kidney diseases.

Can you think of any other important articles or categories that need to be added?

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