You know all this stuff being said about how you should stand up more for your health and productivity? Don't do it. Seriously. Sit on your butt all day. It's not that bad for you.

How do we even know if we can trust all these people telling us to stand more? We don't really believe the hype about this so-called "sitting disease" do we? Sure there are some medical studies that back up their argument but you can also manipulate the numbers to say anything you want right?

I know there's a bunch of chatter which seems to be pushing a standing agenda these days but where are the people pushing the sitting agenda? Thankfully some groups have emerged to support sitting in the workplace. It's about time we had someone who won't hassle us about sitting on our butts all day or getting us all stressed out about rushing headlong toward an early death. Good thing we have these three groups of people to support our sitting habit:

1. Your competition is glad to support your sedentary lifestyle. Yeah keep productivity at a minimum so you don't compete with them any more than you already are. They want you to keep that sluggish feeling you have every afternoon when you've been sitting all day. They LOVE that you have that feeling. The last thing they need is you getting focused and energized to do more. That would raise the bar for them and they're happy to have you underperforming. Take a seat. In fact take a backseat to the competition.

2. Doctors and chiropractors are happy to keep you seated too. I mean who would they help if there weren't back problems anymore and diabetes dropped significantly and obesity wasn't at pandemic proportions? You can keep them in business one seated hour at a time. Sure they might be able to spend that time treating the unpreventable stuff but you don't want to disrupt life as you've always known it. It's far too convenient especially when you can just take some medication to feel better.

3. Fitness clubs and personal trainers want you sitting more as well. Seriously when is the last time they told you that all the exercise you're doing is totally undone by sitting a lot? That's what I thought. It won't happen. They need you to keep going to the gym and paying for memberships and personal training sessions so you can feel like you're healthier than you are. It's like a real-life just keep doing it without really getting anywhere.

Hopefully you've been sitting while you read this. Don't get up. Don't go stretch or walk around the office or anything like that. That's just giving in to the standing agenda and you've got all of these people depending on you to keep sitting a lot. You don't want to let them down right?

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