3 Things You May Be Doing Wrong At Your Standing Desk

Whether you already own one or are still saving up there are several great reasons to invest in a height adjustable desk. We could list them all for you - everything from the immediate benefits of a standing desk to the boost of creative and collaborative energy that comes from pushing aside that office chair and standing while you work. But that's not what we're talking about today. (Although if you want to take 10 minutes and peruse the UpDesk blog for further proof that you need a standing desk go ahead. We'll wait...)

Believe it or not today we're actually talking about a few things you might actually be doing wrong at your standing desk. While the benefits of a standing desk like the PowerUp or CrankUp are countless you may be missing out on the full potential of your desk if you're not using it the right way. Here are three things you may be doing wrong at your standing desk...and how to fix them.

Standing Only

If you're a regular reader of the UpDesk blog you know how much we encourage throwing that office chair out the window (figuratively of course) and standing while you work. This may sound crazy coming from us... But the truth is standing all day every day is actually not the most beneficial way to work. There are two major things to remember when you decide to get a standing desk. First don't quit sitting cold turkey. Like any good habit it takes time to make the healthy transition into standing at your desk. Making the switch to a standing deskshould be done in increments and with moderation so you slowly build up to the full amount of time you want to be standing throughout the day. Second even if you have made the full-time switch sitting should still be a part of your day. The key here is to just to make sure that your body stays active and your muscles keep moving throughout the day. Sit for a while stand for a (longer) while. Take a lap around the office. Heck even fidget a bit. And that's what makes the height adjustable desk from UpDesk so great. With just the push of a button or few turns of a crank your desk can go from a sitting to standing desk (and back again) in seconds giving you the flexibility to create a healthy balance all day long. Check out this video to see just how easy it is to move your UpDesk up and down.

Standing Incorrectly

Making the switch to a stand up desk won't help your posture or back pain if you're not standing correctly. For one thing if your desk is positioned too low you'll end up hunching over your desk just like you would be if you were sitting slumped in an office chair. For another if you're still using your laptop without a separate screen and keyboard you may still experience neck and back pain from looking down at a screen that's attached to your keyboard. There are two solutions to the problem of standing incorrectly at your desk. First make sure your standing desk is the right height. Second make sure you have the right equipment to position everything where it needs to be. The image above is a great illustration of the perfect height for your desk. Consider investing in something like a monitor support to keep your screen at eye level or an anti-fatigue floor mat to keep your feet from hurting and your back from hunching over your desk.

Standing to Fix Everything

Here's the thing: using a standing desk will change your life but it won't fix everything about it. A stand up desk may help you burn more calories than sitting. But exercise will burn even more. It may help you be more productive at work. But it won't do your job for you. At the end of the day using a standing desk should just be one of the healthy habits you incorporate into your life.

If you're ready to get standing maximize the benefits of a standing desk and make the most of your work day give UpDesk a call at 615-350-7085 today!

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