Over the past three months I've seen hundreds of articles and daily conversations about standing desks. There seems to be a few reoccurring misconceptions associated with them that need to be addressed.

  • My company won't buy it.
  • It's hard on the body.
  • They're awkward.
  • You'll have to stand all day.

Have you made any of these assumptions? Chances are that you have at some point. Here are some things to think about before you completely dismiss owning a standing desk:

  1. My company won't buy it. This is probably the worst assumption you can make about a standing desk. Never assume your company wouldn't be interested in purchasing standing desks for their employees. I understand the importance of keeping a budget; but ironically healthier employees means lower insurance costs. Standing desks could potentially save your company money in the long run. If you've already approached your company and were denied don't give up! My suggestion would be to start compiling articles/research about the ill effects associated with extended sitting. Or find other employees who want a standing desk as well and create a signature petition. Get creative with it. Help us help you... Can you think of any other ways that might be beneficial in presenting the facts about standing desks to your company? Let us know!
  1. It's hard on the body. Sometimes change is hard. You can expect to experience some minor discomforts when transitioning to a standing desk; however it's temporary. We're talking 1-2 weeks for the average person. I felt it in my feet when I began working at my height-adjustable desk for the first time. Personally alternating sitting and standing every hour helped me out a lot. Utilizing items like an anti-fatigue floor mat appropriate footwear and ergonomically designed seating will help prevent any long-term pains as well. Simply put -- Don't let minor discomfort detour you from becoming interested in a standing desk.
  1. They're awkward. So you're worried what everyone will say while you're standing at your desk? Well... I've got news for you. You might become the popular one in the office. Let's face it; standing desks are the future for corporate and home offices. You might as well become the trendsetter. Your fellow employees will more than likely thank you.
  1. You'll have to stand all day. A lot of people automatically assume if you own a standing desk you'll have to stand all day. Not true. You have a few options for those much needed sitting breaks throughout the day: use a tall chair/stool or get a height-adjustable desk that will allow you to work standing up or sitting down. If and when you're a standing desk user don't view sitting breaks as a failure. Excessive sitting OR standing can be harmful to your body. It's more about finding the perfect combination of sitting and standing. Remember standing is definitely better for you but it's not a marathon.

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