If you've had any interest in the UpDesk brand or products within the last year I'm sure you've heard about our newest desk UpWrite by now. It's the world's first sit-to-stand desk with a writeable whiteboard surface.

Our goal was to create a desk that encourages creativity by allowing users to jot down their thoughts/ideas spontaneously (without using paper) and a workspace perfect for collaboration. While we do offer more budget-friendly options like our CrankUps the UpWrite is the pinnacle of standing desk experiences.

I've noticed four common misconceptions as people have discovered the UpWrite since its launch in July so I'm writing this post to wipe away your concerns. (See what I did there?)


The top misconception we hear is people who say something like "There's no way I'd buy that. I'd get ink all over my sleeves." This would be true if you decided to use your marker where you plan on placing your arms but since the entire UpWrite surface is a whiteboard you're naturally going to write where you aren't going to be placing your arms.

Most people use the space to the right or left of their keyboards. There's plenty of room on this 60" desk for the things you normally have on your desk along with spaces to jot down notes and ideas.

As a double safety precaution however we also recommend using wet erase markers instead of standard dry erase markers. We've fallen in love with wet erase markers because the color is more vivid and anything you write down won't be erased unless it gets wet. Wet erase markers also have a finer point which is ideal for making notes.

Whether you use wet erase or dry erase markers the likelihood of you getting ink on your sleeve is significantly lower than you may think. The fact of the matter is UpWrite owners just don't write where they plan on putting their arms.


A second misconception is ghosting. No it's not the latest social media trend where you creep up behind one of your friends with a sheet over your head (that sounds awesome though). Whiteboard users are definitely familiar with the term.

Ghosting refers to the dry or wet erase marker ink left behind after you've erased your work. Rest assured this simply doesn't happen on the UpWrite. The glossy surface of the UpWrite is a higher quality than most whiteboards you might find in schools or offices. I recently erased something that had been on my UpWrite for months and it was back to its original shiny and clean look in just a few seconds.


The third misconception is about the durability of the whiteboard top. The UpWrite's top is not only easy to clean but is quite resilient too. I'm currently using one of our single monitor supports which clamps to the desktop and it hasn't scratched or dented the surface at all.

I have several other culprits (car keys metal water bottle and pencil holder stapler etc.) that could damage the desktop as well but it has yet to happen. Unless you're deliberately trying to destroy the desktop you shouldn't have any issues at all.


A final misconception is that the UpWrite is only available in a single size. We've tried to keep things simple from the very beginning. Too many options can be overwhelming sometimes. Our website only shows one size of UpWrite tops a medium (60" x 30) in either black or titanium.

While that's the size we keep in stock it's not the only size we can sell. We can actually customize whatever size you need for any of our desks (including the UpWrite). If you wanted a small (48" x 30") or large (72" x 30") UpWrite we can make it happen.

Keep in mind the turnaround time will be longer than normal since we won't have the desk in stock. Custom desk prices are sometimes different from what we list on our website too but you have more options than you may realize and we'd love to make sure you get a desk that's perfect for your space.

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