If you haven't heard of the new GeekBeat edition standing desk from UpDesk now's the time. This brand new desk was designed especially for the crew over at GeekBeat.TV but it's so cool we wanted to make sure you had the chance to get your hands on it as well. The GeekBeat edition UpDesk boats the same powerful functionality and innovative design of all our height adjustable desks but now comes with even more bells and whistles to help you capitalize on all the benefits of a standing desk.

With an amazing stand up desk like the one we made for GeekBeat.TV you'll definitely want to show it off and make all your coworkers jealous...just like John P and Cali. But you won't be able to do that if no one can actually see your desk with all the piles of paper and day-old coffee cups covering it. Here are four easy ways to declutter and organize your height adjustable desk.

  1. Make Mountains into Molehills - The first step in creating an organized standing desk is not to get rid of all those chaotic piles of paper but to turn them into less chaotic more strategic piles. Separate old and outdated documents and file them somewhere off your desk but still accessible for reference. (And if your filing system is just as unorganized as your desk take some time to get that in order too!) If you've got more important documents that need to be within reach grab a standing file rack for current projects and ongoing tasks. And create a physical mailbox on top of your desk! Email inboxes are well and good but do nothing for those paper memos and reports that can clutter up your desk if you don't have a designated place for them! The trick here is not to get rid of everything on your desk but to create designated places for it all.

  1. Don't Need It Don't Keep It - Broken pens coffee-stained papers to-do lists from last year - these are all things that can clutter up your height adjustable desk making it impossible to see that sleek UpDesk design or actually use the whiteboard desktop that comes with the GeekBeat UpWrite. That's why when it comes to reorganizing your GeekBeat UpDesk the trash can is your best friend. Keep that baby always within arms reach and never put trash down anywhere other than in a bin. And if you're already standing at your desk you really have no excuse for not taking one step from your computer and throwing trash away. And as for knick-knacks and personal items? Sure you want to have a few family photos or favorite decorations on your desk to add character...but do you really need your entire set of Derek Jeter bobble heads? We didn't think so.

  1. Wrangle Those Wires - One of the biggest culprits in a messy desk is all the cables and wires that come off your wide array of electronic devices. Lucky for you that's where the added features of our GeekBeat desk really shine. Not only have we added two grommet holes on either end of your desk to streamline all your cables we've also create the Amazing Power Grommet that places two extra electrical outlets and four extra USB outlets right on top of your desk. And if that wasn't enough we've also designed a custom battery tray just for the GeekBeat height adjustable desk that allows you to mount a portable battery right under your desk and make sure all your cables seamlessly move up and down with you when you go from sitting to standing. But if you're sticking with one of the traditional UpDesk models don't worry. We've also got the cable management pouch to keep track of your cables...and keep them off your desk!

  1. Keep It Up! - Now that you've organized and decluttered your desk the most important part is actually keeping it that way! Before things start piling up schedule a time at the end of each day to clean off and reorganize your standing desk. Taking those few extra minutes every day will not only help you maintain your pristine desk and be more productive while you work it's also a subtle way to show your boss that you're organized and ready for any big projects (or promotions) that might come your way.

There you have it! Four easy steps to organizing decluttering and maximizing your special edition GeekBeat stand up desk from UpDesk...or any other desk for that matter! If you're ready to make the transition to a height adjustable desk and experience all the benefits of a standing desk call us today at (615) 350-7085. We would love to help you explore which desk is right for you!

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