If you pay any attention to mainstream news you've probably heard of the "sitting disease" or risks involved with prolonged sitting. Media outlets like MSNBC The New York Times USA Today ABC World News CNN FOX News and others have taken the time to feature articles on this trending topic.

I continue to see conversations going on about standing desks and people converting their workspaces. However there are still a lot of people who are sitting. Here are the 4 main reasons why...

  1. Cost
  2. Space
  3. Convenience
  4. Pain


How do you define buying a big-ticket item like a house or car? It's an investment. Although it's on a much smaller scale people need to have the same state of mind when upgrading from a traditional desk. Desks that free you from extended sitting are an investment for your health.

Don't be afraid in approaching the boss or HR if you can't afford a standing desk right away. It doesn't hurt to ask questions because they might not be aware of the issue at hand. After all healthier employees are more likely to be effective at work!


Having enough space in your office or cubicle can prove difficult for products like a treadmill desk... but we know you have enough space for a desk. Out with the old and in with the new.

Also keep in mind that the products created to sit on top of your desk actually limit your available space when standing. You'll find there's only room for your keyboard and mouse (if that). Which leads me to my next point...


Convenience is key. You'll end up going back to your old habits if your standing desk does not smoothly transition up or down with ease. It isn't convenient for anyone to break down a desk or move their entire workspace just to adjust the height.

Height-adjustable desks like UpDesk can go up or down within seconds and doesn't interrupt your workflow. Having everything easily accessible is a huge bonus for maintaining focus and productivity.


Pain is one of the main motivators for getting people to stand up from their chairs. However it can also be a discouragement for some. Anything in excess can be bad or painful for you. We all know the ill effects of sitting down too long but what about standing up?

Here's the answer. You'll have to find the perfect mixture of standing and sitting throughout the day. Alternating these two options into your daily routine can help break your dependence on either your feet or chair which is good.

(Image by Victor1558)

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