The sitting disease. It's a real thing. According to lots of smart people and a lot of studies sitting is the new smoking causing over 34 chronic diseases and actually shortening the length of your life. Here's four ways to tell if you're starting to develop this silent killer while sitting in that office chair at your desk.

  1. Slouching - Let's talk slouching for a second. When you slouch (and be honest we ALL slouch) not only does it make you look completely sloppy it actually begins to eat away at your entire body...including those ever-important core muscles. Your hips get tight and restrict your flexibility. Your glutes go soft and lessen your stride. And your abs go unused and stop protecting your back. While it's still possible to slouch at your height adjustable desk (and standing incorrectly is actually one of the common things that people do wrong at their desk) standing in the right way dramatically reduces slouching keeping you healthy and looking like a professional.

  1. Aching Back - Do you find yourself shifting uncomfortably all day during work? Do you find yourself always trying to find a comfortable position in that office chair? Do you end the day with a sore back and tight muscles? When you spend most of the day sitting the vital muscles in your back shorten and tighten leading to an aching back...and quite possibly even worse problems down the road. But when you use a stand up desk your muscles are forced to stay more engaged throughout the day keeping your back strong. And for an added benefit you can even try these back stretches for your standing desk.

  1. Weight Gain - When you use that cushy desk chair chances are good that the rest of your body will get cushy too. Sitting for prolonged periods of time not only wastes all the muscles you could be using and strengthening at a standing desk it puts you at greater risk for weight gain...and all the health risks associated with cancer. Conversely when you make use of that standing desk you'll actually be burning calories.

  1. Lack of Energy & Focus - Although it may seem like using a stand up desk takes more energy therefore drains it faster sitting is actually the main culprit when it comes to losing your steam during the workday. Moving muscles - even when they're just moving in increments while you're at your height adjustable desk - pump fresh blood and oxygen through your brain triggering the release of brain-enhancing chemicals. But when you sit for too long...well none of that happens. That's why walking boosts your creativity and standing helps you be more productive.

Now that you know the subtle signs of sitting disease what's the remedy? A height adjustable desk from UpDesk of course. Not only do our desks help you combat sitting disease and stay healthy and productive at'll look darn cool while doing it!

If you're ready to make the switch to a standing desk let us know. We would love to talk with you about which one of our stand up desks is right for you (PowerUps and SquaredUps and CrankUps) and help you make the successful transition to standing!

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