4 Tips to Help Manage Back Pain

People around the globe suffer from back pain every single day. Back pain can stem from things like damage caused by years of repetitive motion and strain, excess weight, or a traumatic event such as a sports injury. For some, the pain can become almost unbearable, making daily tasks extremely difficult. The good news is that there may be small changes that you can make in your life that can help improve how you feel. In addition to talking to your doctor about your pain, consider taking some of these steps to help you manage back pain.

Exercise Daily

Research shows that the simple act of moving can help transform your body to a healthier state, including managing pain in your backside. Activities such as yoga, pilates, and tai-chi can be be a gentle way to build strength and help regenerate lost range of motion and ability. If your pain is extreme, consider looking into yoga therapy or finding another therapist who specializes in therapeutic rehabilitation.

However, if you’re uncertain about your abilities (or just not ready for that much movement), even the simple act of getting up and walking can help manage back pain. If that is still too much for you, consider looking into water therapy. Water relieves pressure on the body and might help you restore enough motion to begin more advanced actions.

Consult an Occupational Therapist

Whether you’re working in a traditional office, on a factory line, in your home, or anywhere else, you may be surprised to learn that your work environment could be contributing to some of your back pain. Often, repetitive motion, or doing something that puts strain on your body for a long amount of time, can create a huge problem for your body because it throws off your natural alignment. Occupational therapists are trained to spot and resolve any issues by helping create an ergonomic setup.

To find an occupational therapist who is willing to do consultations, try talking to your doctor, searching online, or even contacting a local university with an occupational therapy program. Often, OT students are required to perform consultations as part of their course of study and may offer their services at a reduced rate.

Consider a Standing Desk

If you work at a desk, you may find that hours of sitting, hunched over in front of a computer, causes you to feel stiff. However, by using a sit-stand desk, you’ll be able to move from a standing to seated position, instead of remaining stationary throughout the day.

Be careful, though: some experts warn that standing all day may cause the same problems as sitting all day. That’s why it is important, when shopping for a standing desk, to be on the lookout for one that makes it very easy for you to change positions regularly throughout the day. The ability to move frequently is key.

Once you have a standing desk, be sure to review these tips for making your standing desk more comfortable.

Use a Reminder System for Better Health

There are several ways to set up a reminder system that will help you remember to check your posture, do a quick stretch, or to move out of a stationary position on a regular basis. Experts suggest that doing these things are helpful when trying to manage back pain. For some people, the tried and true sticky note works well, but some prefer to program that info into their calendars or phones. Whatever works for you, set up something the encourages you to get moving and engage in healthy habits regularly.

If you do choose to use a standing desk, you might consider the UPDESK Pro, a standing desk like no other on the market because of its Smart Controller. This model has a built-in Bluetooth-enabled controller that links to the LINAK Desk Control app on your phone to send you reminders to change positions and allows you to do so with the click of a single button. Learn more about the UPDESK Pro and the Smart Controller here.


Ready to get serious about positive lifestyle changes that can help with your back pain? If you think that a standing desk may be right for you, UPDESK offers standing desks that are made with the highest furniture standards, feature quality components, and are designed uniquely to work in your home or office.

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