As recent studies continue to affirm the benefit of standing desks more and more people are jumping on this good-for-you bandwagon. Although standing desks are a great investment for anyone here are four types of people we think will especially benefit from standing desks:

1. Students

Standing desks aren't just for people who work in a 9-to-5 office. Mark Benden Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health at Texas A&M conducted a study about whether sitting too much was contributing to students' obesity and attention disorders. Benden discovered that students who used a height adjustable desk were more active and burned more calories. Additionally he found that students who used the stand up desks were more focused had longer attention spans and even received better grades. Standing desks also allow children to fidget which can help them concentrate better.

2. Office Workers

Traditional office workers are probably the most common stand up desk users and for good reason. Since numerous studies have shown the dangers of sitting for extended periods of time (including the fact that it can lead to depression) standing desks allow office workers to maintain a healthier balance. If you're trying to improve your focus and concentration you should look into the benefits associated with having your very own standing desk.

3. Artists and Designers

Are you working on some new concept sketches? Are you creating a new design? Artists and designers alike will appreciate our UpWrite desk which is equipped with a white board top. You can use dry erase or wet erase markers on the top which means you can either create little doodles that will quickly be erased or create a more permanent rendering of a current project. Not only will artists and designers enjoy the handy whiteboard top they will also benefit from the desks ability to transform from sitting to standing modes. This enables artists and designers to avoid sore backs and necks when laboring away at their workstations.

4.) Self-Employed Individuals

Self-employed individuals may not seem like the target audience for standing desks. After all they can work from anywhere: the kitchen the patio the cute new coffee shop across the street. However having a set location to work can help workers complete their tasks faster and in a more focused way. Plus standing desks will keep self-employed individuals from completing their work from a couch or the kitchen table or just whatever happens to be available.

Regardless of your age or occupation you can benefit from a height adjustable desk. If you've never used a standing desk before the good news is there are immediate benefits.Interested in learning more about our desks? Be sure to contact us today. We're excited to help you find the desk that is right for you!

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