5 Little Things That Have A Big Impact At Your Desk

Since I touched on the lifehacker topic a few weeks ago I thought it would be appropriate to provide you with some quick tips for standing at your desk.

None of these suggestions are earth shattering but hopefully you'll find a few of them to be helpful:


If you own an UpDesk you'll notice a metal bar that spans the distance between each leg of the desk. This is mainly for stability purposes and the hiding of unruly cords; however I've found it to be a great footrest while standing up.

Positioning your chair directly behind you bending your knee and placing one foot on the seat is another way to relieve stress on the lower back while standing.


Utilizing an anti-fatigue floor mat is extremely important for all standing desk users. It helps to prevent foot pain and allows you to stand for longer periods of time.

While an anti-fatigue floor mat is great to have while standing up it can get in the way when you need to take a short sitting break. I've learned to drape the mat over the metal bar when sitting down. It's perfect for getting it off the floor and doesn't take up any space (see example photo below).


Having your computer monitor(s) set at eye-level enables your head to be in the correct position which is better for your posture.

Can't afford purchasing an expensive monitor support? Experiment by using a stack of books filing shelf or whatever makes sense.


I get asked all the time what kind of schedule I would recommend for sitting and standing throughout the day. Alternating every hour has really worked wonders for me.

If you're at the office for eight hours day that's four hours you'll be standing. Create two or three different schedules and find out which one works best for you.


The opposite of sedentary behavior is movement. Don't worry about fidgeting too much at a standing desk; it's good for you. Put on your favorite music and shake your groove thing!

Apparently dancing at a standing desk isn't a new concept... Check out some of my favorite tweets below:

(Image by miqul)

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