Do you believe in Bigfoot? What about the Loch Ness Monster? Mermaids? Of course not... You're way too much of a smart cookie to believe in stuff like that. And while we're on the subject of truth-telling why not debunk a few common myths about standing desks?

Myth #1: If I get a standing desk I'll have to stand all day.

Truth #1: Just because you have a standing desk doesn't mean you have to stand the entire day. That's the beauty of UpDesk's height adjustable desks - you can stand when you want and sit when you want with just the touch of a button or a few easy cranks. You don't have to throw away your desk chair. You don't have to invest in expensive orthopedic insoles. You don't have to stand all day.

Myth #2: If I get a standing desk my back will hurt from all that standing. Or my legs. Or my feet.

Truth #2: As long as you're standing correctly your back will actually thank you for mixing consistent standing in with sitting. While it's still possible to have bad posture while standing it's much harder to slouch when you have a desk that's the right height - and with the ability of the PowerUp and CrankUp desks to adjust by the inch you can find the perfect height to keep you from hunching over your computer. Isn't that just as handy as a pocket in a shirt? And if you're worried about your feet or legs getting tired try investing in an anti-fatigue floor mat and make sure you have the right shoes. The key here is moderation - stand for as long as is comfortable and makes sense for you.

Myth #3: It takes enough work to work. I don't have any extra energy to stand while I'm at it.

Truth #3: Believe it or not you will actually get more energy from standing. You'll be more focused. You'll be less distracted. You'll probably have so much energy that you'll get all your work done and your boss will love you and you'll get to leave work early. Okay maybe not. But stand up desks really do help maintain your energy through those long afternoons and with healthy snacks or a refreshing drink (NOT coffee) you can have even more healthy ways to stay focused and alert all day long.



Myth #4: Standing won't help me get more movement - I'll still be tied to my computer or the huge pile of papers on my desk.


Truth #4: While we can't do anything about that growing stack of files or looming deadline that keeps you at your desk standing at your desk creates a lot more movement than you think. In fact you'll find it hard to stop moving throughout the day. Think about it - even if you're just standing still at your computer desk you'll constantly be shifting your weight from one foot to another bending and straightening your legs or maybe even stretching your calf muscles by moving on and off your toes. And when your standing it will be easier to stretch your arms roll your shoulders or neck or even get some mindless fidgeting out of your system while you're working. Plus if you're already standing you'll be more likely to walk a few steps for what you need instead of trying to keep every little thing at arms reach. You may not be working up a sweat but you will get considerable more movement than if you were slumped over your desk.

Myth #5: If I have a standing desk everyone will look at me like a freak.

Truth #5: Of course everyone will look at you when you have a stand up desk...looking at you and wondering how they can be just like you! Not only will people be forced to stop by your office so they can see how cool your UpDesk is (especially if it's one of our new desks - the UpWrite Midnight or the SquaredUp!) but when you're standing you'll also have an air of sophistication and forward-thinking about you...we just know it.

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