In the United States we spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Whether you love your job or hate it the truth is that work informs almost every aspect of our lives. It seems only natural that much of our pop culture would find its setting in the midst of working life. Whether they're tied to a desk most of the day roaming the streets in search of late-breaking news or chasing shoplifters at the local record store here are some of our favorite funny films set at work:

1. Office Space - The quintessential movie about the frustratingly monotonous life of cubicles and mundane office work Office Space is pretty much everyone's favorite movie when it comes to working in an office - not to mention an inadvertent advocate for a different kind of work environment that could very well include stand up desks. This cult hit has some of the best lines and funniest actors...and who can forget that epic computer-destroying scene of every office-worker's dream? We can't help but wonder though - would Peter have stayed off the edge just a little bit longer if his boss had traded in his awful cubicle for a standing desk?

2. Nine to Five - When it comes to comedy and women's rights this is the gold standard of 80s cinema. After all what woman facing a gender-discriminating boss hasn't wanted to keep him hostage until he shapes up? Nine to Five not only has three girl-power legends (Jane Fonda Lilly Tomlin and of course Dolly Parton) it is absolutely hilarious and will have men and women alike cheering for workplace equality.

3. Anchorman - Who doesn't love Ron Burgundy? While most of this classic Will Ferrell comedy takes place on the news-filled streets of 70s San Diego some of the best scenes can be found while Burgundy and his news team discuss important matters of the heart in their office. Who can forget the "Afternoon Delight" scene? I know I can't.

4. The Internship - Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up again (Wedding Crashers anyone?) for a hilarious look at the life and cult-like culture that is working at the world's largest internet company Google. With its world-class cafeteria acres of open and creative workspaces and offices that feature more ergonomic height adjustable desks than sitting desks Google is everyone's dream job making the mission of two "old" guys to get themselves a job that much more unlikely...and insanely funny to watch.

5. Empire Records - "Damn the man! Save the Empire!" This 90s teen movie about fighting big bad corporations in favor of local (and quirky) businesses has become a classic thanks to its plethora of great one-liners and a killer soundtrack. Set in the "office" of the local Empire Records music store you won't find boring desk chairs or sitting desks here. It's Rex Manning day and everyone is excited and on their feet.

Are we missing any of your favorite working world movies? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you're ready to kick up your own life at work give us a call and get your UpDesk ordered today! With a standing desk like the UpWrite or SquaredUp you can work more effectively and efficiently and who knows maybe you'll even get to feeling so creative that you'll be writing a workplace comedy of your own...

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