According to Merriam Webster an entrepreneur is a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. Those of you who are entrepreneurs know that making that leap can be stressful exhausting and time-consuming and while you may do your best to sleep 8 hours a night exercise daily and keep stress at bay it's nearly impossible at times. There are lots of health risks associated with the stress and time it takes to be a successful entrepreneur but the one danger calls a "silent threat lurking in the sidelines" is one many have probably not thought about: sitting.

The website overviews five reasons to get off your butt at work--or as we'd like to call it five reasons entrepreneurs need a standing desk. Here are the reasons so eloquently listed:

1. Sitting might be harmful even for those who exercise daily.

We've mentioned it before: exercising daily--and then sitting--doesn't necessarily mean you're protecting your body from negative effects. We were astounded but not surprised when a study showed sitting negates workout benefits. All the more reason to stand up at a standing desk instead of slouching in desk chair.

2. Sedentary habits boost the risk of diabetes heart disease and obesity.

Pretty sure we've beaten a dead horse with your old desk chair over this topic. Simply put sedentary habits don't set you up for a healthy life. And with stress and bad eating habits already attributing to these deadly diseases entrepreneurs can't afford to mess around--especially if you're getting fast food and feelings lots of tension.

3. Give the back some relief.

You may find it interesting that in the act of sitting your back has extra strain; normally people think it has an opposite effect. Nope--sitting can take a load off your feet but not your back. As puts it "The natural curves of the spine are more difficult to maintain in a sitting position which can put strain on ligaments and muscles."

4. Exercise is a natural mood elevator

Most of us know this already; when you exercise you not only stimulate your body but also your brain. Endorphins are released while taking a jog riding your bike or doing some yoga at your computer desk and endorphins are good for your mood.

5. Taking breaks increases productivity.

As an entrepreneur you may feel that time is of the essence. And it is ... except when you're not using it well. Taking breaks from sitting at your desk is hugely needed to keep your mind sharp and on task. That's why a desk you can stand at is so great: you can work while encouraging your body to stay active. You should also move around get a breath of fresh air and take the stairs as much as possible.

Those are five reasons lists to get off your bottom at work and and we agree but we'd also add: switch over your office's desks to standing UpDesks. Your health will thank us!

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