5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Standing Desk

When purchasing a standing desk, whether it’s for your home or office, there are a few questions that you should consider before making the official purchase. There are a lot of seemingly similar products out on the market, but don’t be fooled: no two standing desks are exactly the same.

In fact, there are some small, but key, features that can make all the difference in the world in how and when you actually use your desk. So before you invest in your standing desk, ask yourself these five questions and do your homework.

How Long Does a Standing Desk Take to Lift and Lower a Desk?

This may not seem like anything very significant on the front end, but once you start using your desk day-in and day-out, the time it takes for a desk to lift and lower significantly impacts how often you use your standing desk, not to mention your workflow.

There are standing desks available on the market that use a crank (or another manual mechanism) to lift and lower the desk that are cheaper than electric standing desks. However, while you might save a few dollars, think about the process of manually lifting and lowering your desk every single time. These models may be cheaper, but they take more time to operate, meaning you’re either disengaged from your work or just not using it very often.

Electric desks, however, offer you the power of lifting and lowering your desk with little interruption. Ideally, a good electric standing desk will be easy to use and lift and lower very quickly.

Will Using a Standing Desk Disturb My Neighbors?

Something else to consider when buying a standing desk: If you work in an office setting, it’s not just your work environment that you need to think about, but that of the people around you as well. Research how loud a desk’s lifting and lowering mechanism is when it is in use. Remember you’ll likely be moving up and down throughout the day, so it isn’t a once-a-day interruption.

What If My Standing Desk Breaks?

Anything that you use on a regular basis has potential to break. But with an item like a standing desk, you need to be able to trust that it will work and, in the event that something goes wrong, it will get fixed immediately so that your work is not interrupted.

So what if your standing desk breaks? Will the company you purchased it from stand by their product? Will they make sure to replace any broken parts quickly? Will you be able to get in touch with their customer service staff? As you’re searching for the perfect standing desk, look for a company that will be there for you long after you’ve made the initial purchase.

Will This Model of Standing Desk Last as My Needs Grow?

Depending on the type of work you do, you may find, in the future, that you need to upgrade your equipment. When purchasing a standing desk, take a look at the weight lifting capacity of your desk. If you need to add monitors, or even heavier hardware, in the future, can your desk handle it?

Will I Actually Use It?

If you’ve already started researching in preparation for buying a standing desk, you know that the key to accessing the health and productivity boosting benefits of a standing desk is in your ability to move around easily throughout the work day.

As you’re shopping around, look for a desk that has the technology to help remind you to move throughout the day. Desks like the UPDESK Pro, and similar models, have a completely unique Bluetooth-enabled Smart Desk Controller that can either remind you with its light display or send notifications straight to your smartphone to tell you when it’s time to move so you’ll be sure to use your standing desk.

UPDESK Standing Desk Solutions

As you think over these five questions and research your ideal sit-stand desk, make sure to take a look at the electric standing desks offered by UPDESK. The UPDESK Pro, for example, offers the following features and more:

  • Lifts and lowers 26 inches in under 20 seconds
  • Lifts and lowers at a whisper quiet 55 decibels
  • Features a 7-year warranty
  • A Bluetooth-enabled, Smart Desk Controller that allows you to connect your smartphone or computer using the one of a kind LINAK App
  • Automatic drive and preset height features
  • 375 lbs weight capacity

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