Have you ever heard the term Lifehack? Definition: Make one's day-to-day activities more efficient. Cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. The act of lifehacking has become a very popular topic across the Internet and associated with DIY-minded people.

Websites like this one and this one have been created to showcase the newest hack that's promised to make your life a little bit easier. Because of tight budgets and/or companies not willing to accommodate their employees standing desks have actually become one of the most sought out hack jobs.

I'm all about finding ways to make life easier; however there are a few things you need to be aware of when hacking a desk.


If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. That's something my parents always told me growing up. Not all desk hacks are created equal but the majority of them promise more than they can deliver. For example there might be some things behind-the-scenes like road trips to IKEA (or similar stores) and not considering ergonomics in the design. Go ahead and plan on needing an anti-fatigue floor mat monitor support and an ergonomically designed chair.


Not only can desk hacking become more expensive than desired it's an investment of your time. First you'll have to find a feasible prototype and hope it makes sense for your work environment. Next tracking down all of the appropriate hardware/furniture could prove itself difficult. Keep in mind that most companies constantly update their inventory and don't always keep the same items in stock. Finally you'll have to assemble it (many times without descriptive instructions).


It's kind of comical to see some of the desk hacks suggested online. There are these huge awkward bulky creations that no one would want to put in their office. At what point are you willing to sacrifice your personal style and reputation for a standing desk? Again not all desk hacks fall into this category but I've seen some less desirable concepts.


One major selling point of newer products is the warranty. It's great to be able to replace something if it doesn't work correctly or breaks. Desk hacks don't have this luxury. No help hotlines no refunds.


DIY projects are basically means to an end. They won't satisfy your every need. You'll find yourself tweaking things constantly or end up purchasing a more permanent solution which should be your goal. There's nothing wrong with creating something simple at first for experimenting but don't bank on it for anything more than that.

(Image by Nancy Rose)

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