5 Ways Employers Can Support Healthy Lifestyles

It’s no secret that employees who are happy and feel supported are often more loyal to their employers and produce better results in the long run. While more and more employers are beginning to recognize the benefits of caring for their employees’ healthy lifestyles, they often don’t know where to start or how to implement changes. If you are an employer wanting to promote a healthy lifestyle at work, consider a few of the following options to help your employees live better lives at work and at home.

Smoking Cessation Programs

Smoking is still very common, despite the thousands of studies reporting the dangers and the millions of slow and painful deaths caused directly and indirectly by it. Often, people begin smoking socially and find that, despite common perceptions, it isn’t as easy to quit as they would have hoped. When employers help pay for or even provide free smoking cessation programs to employees, the benefits are life-changing for some employees and their families.

Standing Desks

Study after study shows that standing desks are incredibly impactful in an employee’s overall health, they might even boost productivity. While they may have been considered a trend when they first hit the market, the fact is they’re effective and here to stay. Companies like Apple, for example, have recently made the decision to switch exclusively to standing desks for their employees to help them perform better and to feel better overall.

To help support healthy lifestyles for employees, consider switching out traditional desks for electric standing desks.

Health-Focused Activities and Opportunities

Some employers are finding creative ways to encourage their employees to get healthier. Whether it’s encouraging employees to compete and participate in a 5k put on by the company or hosting a health fair where local organizations educate employees on local resources, the opportunities are endless and always beneficial to employees.

Unlimited PTO

While this may sound very radical to some, many companies are finding that unlimited PTO actually increases an employee’s productivity, loyalty to the company, and decreases the feeling of stress overall. These are all incredible benefits. Instead of employees take long, extended vacations, many companies are finding that the majority of their employees are taking more 3-day weekends here and there, creating very minimal breaks in communication and projects, but allowing employees to feel refreshed and focused.

Health Insurance Options

Citizens in countries, like the United States, who don’t have a public option for healthcare often rely heavily on their employers to help pay for health insurance. The benefits of employees having insurance are obvious: preventative care options means that employees are less likely to need extended sick days. Full time and part time employees alike are also able to be more engaged and focused on their work when not dealing with the effects of unaddressed health issues. The downside, is that healthcare is expensive for employers as well. However, it’s important that employers consider the benefits as well as the financial cost.


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