Binge watching. Have you ever done it? I'm not talking about watching three episodes of "The Walking Dead" or two movies in a row. I'm referring to the day you stayed in your pajamas all day long and stared at your television (or computer) screen and watched a full season of "Breaking Bad" even though you had other things that needed to get done. Or the night you discovered just how funny "Seinfeld" was in its second season--so you watched the third season too just for kicks. Here's a good example of what binge watching is like.

I bet you weren't standing up at your standing desk watching Jerry Seinfeld through your computer monitor or even standing at all. Instead you were probably slouched on your couch in sweatpants a bag of Doritos safely within reach. We've all been there.

Sedentary behaviors like sitting or laying down don't lend themselves positively to productivity. In fact you can be so comfortable lounging around on the couch you'll watch another episode and another and another -- or play 20 games of Angry Bird or Candy Crush.

That's why we are such huge advocates of UpDesk. A stand up desk isn't like any old desk; it causes you to be more productive and kick sedentary behaviors out of your system. By standing remaining active and not settling into your office chair to have another solitaire marathon you'll get more out of your work day or school day. And you'll probably become an office trendsetter with your positive vibes and energy.

Let's face it binge watching and TV marathons are fun but just like a night when you have a little too much fun you often face repercussions the next morning. By using a stand up desk you can ensure that your days will include more positive actions and less sedentary behaviors. You can even do yoga while working--how's that for stretching the limits of productivity? (Pun intended.)

At UpDesk we raise the standard (literally) of desks and we want you to make the most out of life. Our standing desks are designed to make you a healthier more productive more energized person in your day to day life. Then when you do want to pig out on junk food while watching "Orange is the New Black" you can do so without feeling guilty.

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