It has been an exciting week for UpDesk! We've launched UpWrite which is the world's first height-adjustable whiteboard standing desk and our Series II PowerUp. To dupe today's infomercials... BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! You will also notice a few new videos entitled "UpDesk Artist Series." The vision behind this series is to capture the instinctive creativity produced when using an UpWrite. We didn't have to look too far as Nashville is full of artistic people who continue to push the limits of design and creativity every day. For our first two videos we had the honor of working with Jeremy Cowart and John Henley. Jeremy Cowart is a world known photographer who is known as one of the trailblazers within his industry. He regularly works with celebrities and entertainment companies such as Universal Records SONY Records Warner Brother Records and many more. In Cowart's video he walks us through his life-journey daily inspirations and overall style. John Henley is an extremely talented artist and architectural consultant. He currently works for Earl Swensson and Associates (ESa) which has over 50 years of design related experience and presented with several prestigious awards. If you watch closely in the video Henley takes the idea of a ladybug and creates a modern approach to a new building concept. Be sure to stay tuned as we're planning to roll out several more artist videos. Also we want to hear from you! Leave us a comment if there's someone in particular you would like to see.

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