If you're someone who prefers to be working at a standing desk rather than spending 40+ hours a week in an office chair then you're probably also someone who is always looking for ways to make your working experience as productive and positive as possible. But let's face it everyone has days at work that seem endless stressful and exhausting regardless of whether you happen to be sitting or standing.

Our phones are already so much more than phones. In fact phone calls have almost become their secondary purpose behind things like texting emailing taking photos and the millions of apps that be downloaded and used to help us connect to our world. But did you know that our phones can even help us relax during a stressful day at work?

Here are a few apps that can help you become more productive relaxed and even happier at work:

  • Standing Clock: This simple app works best with a height-adjustable standing desk like an UpDesk. It's the perfect way to track your sitting and standing times allowing you to see the full benefits of having a height adjustable desk. Using the clock will keep you accountable to your commitment to standing while making sure you are not overdoing it. Your body needs balance so sitting breaks are necessary to keep you happy productive and energized.

  • HeadSpace: If you're in need of a quick 10-minute break to clear your head and recharge while at work HeadSpace is the app for you. This guided program teaches you how to meditate with reminders to stay on track and ways to keep up with your progress. No matter what your job is chances are good that you could use a little head space in your day!

  • Stress Doctor: It's all in the name here. Stress Doctor will measure your heart rate and tell you what your stress level is at any given moment. Even better if your stress levels read too high it can also guide you in a breathing exercise to calm down and refocus.

With these simple apps you can turn your phone into a virtual de-stressing experience. And when you combine them with an UpDesk standing desk you'll be unstoppable! If you want to chat about your standing desk options give us a call at 615-350-7085 or send us a quick note at WhatsUp@Updesk.com.

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