If there's ever a day where I'm feeling uninspired I head to Instagram. Not only does it provide a couple minutes of down time to get my head back in the game it also is an incredibly inspirational tool. And by inspirational I mean posts on Instagram can make you laugh--people do crazy things when they're bored and on Instagram in the middle of the night.

At UpDesk I like to use Instagram to connect with standing desk users (or dreamers) share news about new products and show everyone why I love what I do. (Plus I get to post pictures of Upton the Gorilla. Beat that.)

In August we had several exciting interchanges on the photo and video sharing tool and I'd love to share them with you.

First remember when GeekBeat visited our office and we collaborated on outfitting their entire office in UpDesk? Well they had the grand opening of the Geek House on Friday August 1--and there were UpDesks involved.

We're psyched about a brand new product that's available now on our website. It's office furniture ... with a twist. It's the opposite of an office chair; it's an UpDesk orange wobble board. Yup now you can work on attaining your six pack while typing up an invoice for work or improve your leg strength and balance during a conference call. Plus it's orange. What could be better?

And finally I always like to give a shout out to different Instagram users who have received their new desk. Sometimes it's shown in their home office other times it's in a corporate office environment. Regardless of the location there's always an underlying theme: excitement. One of our new freakishly tall (hey they said it not me) users from Indiana gave us a peek at his new UpDesk.

So there you have it. My favorite Instagram posts in August. If you have a unique office set up or are just stoked to show us your new standing desk reach out to me on Instagram or Twitter. You might be featured in our next roundup!

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