Welcome to January. The glow of the holidays has faded away and the haze of winter is firmly settled upon us. The days are short the nights are long and for lots of people across the country snow is on the ground. With so much dreariness around you it can be hard to stay focused productive and happy at work. Here are four simple ways to beat the winter blues at your standing desk.

  1. Change Your Screensaver - This may seem like a silly fix but considering that you look at a computer screen for the majority of your day why not make your screensaver or desktop background something that will bring a smile to your face during those drab winter days? It could be a photo of a tropical beach to remind you that summer will come again...and hopefully you won't still be stuck at your desk by then. It could be a picture of your friends and family. Heck it could even be aninspirational quoteto help you get through the long days and stay standing strong at your height adjustable desk.
  2. Limit the Sugar...But Say Yes to (Dark) Chocolate - Sugar may give you a happy little boost right after you eat it but the crash that comes after will just be that much worse. Some research suggests that sugar can actually slow down your brain causing your focus to wane and your motivation to drain. On the other hand dark chocolate can actually kick up the chemicals in your brain that increase dopamine levels which helps you block out those winter blues. So when those dreary feelings start creeping in just grab a bar of dark chocolate (70-percent cocoa or more) and you'll start feeling better almost instantly.
  3. Build a Greenhouse - When the world seems bleak what's better than a colorful pop of flowers to brighten things up? And setting up some flowers or even a nice office plant can do more than simply brighten things up aesthetically. Since plants eat up the bad air (like carbon dioxide) and send out the good air (like oxygen) they'll increase the air quality in your office. Plus according to Psychology Today plants can improve a lot of things including productivity focus and overall well-being. If those selling points seem familiar it's because plants have many of the same benefits of a standing desk.
  4. Sing and Dance - Okay you don't really have to sing but when it comes to defeating the winter blues there is nothing better than beating them with...well a good beat of course! Whether it's the Beach Boys the Beatles or the Rolling Stones pick out the best tunes that make you happy and turn the volume up when you're feeling down. UpDesk even made a killer summer playlist for you back in August - go replay it again and get those good vibes flowing. And if that's not enough to kick seasonal sadness to the curb turn it up even more raise your UpDesk to its full standing desk potential and have a dance party right at your workstation. If you've been reading the blog you already know we've got a lot of dance moves for you to try.

Are you ready to kick those winter blues and start feeling like yourself in the office again? Combine these four easy tips with the benefits of a standing desk from UpDesk and you'll see an improvement in no time. Call us today at (615) 350-7085 and get on the path to a happier winter with your new height adjustable desk!

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