With the holidays right around the corner what do you get for the stand up desk lover in your life? As always UpDesk has got you covered. Here are our five favorite items from the UpDesk accessories store that will have your friends and family smiling just as big as the day they got their UpDesk standing desk.

1. UpDesk Cup Holder - Because one of the best ways to stay healthy at your desk is to stay hydrated and what better way to make that happen than with a custom cup holder that fits right on your height adjustable desk? And with its square design and front opening the UpDesk cup holder can fit pretty much anything whether bottles of all shapes or your favorite mug.

2. Cable Pouch - Raise your hand if you love electronics but hate all the wires and cables that go with them and clutter up your height adjustable desk. This handy dandy cable organizer also doubles as a modesty panel making it the ideal gift for women who wear skirts or dresses at the office.

3. Monitor Support Arm - Although there are countless benefits of a standing desk having your monitor too low is one of the ways that you can negate some of those benefits. The single or double monitor support arm from UpDesk will make sure that your computer screen is always at the right height - whether you're standing or sitting.

4. Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat - Great for stand up desk beginners UpDesk's awesome anti-fatigue floor mats will help the transition to full time standing be easy and painless. We've got lots of different sizes and colors and since each mat has a beveled edge that lays flat on the floor without curling up tripping won't be a problem.

5. Spooner Board Pro - The perfect complement for expert users of a height adjustable desk the Spooner Board Pro will kick things up a notch. With easy exercises that can be done at your standing desk it's an awesome way to improve core strength stability balance coordination and gross-motor skills -- all while you work.

Now you know what to get the standing desk user in your life. And doesn't it make you just a little bit jealous that you don't have a height adjustable desk of your own? Don't be jealous... Get your UpDesk today! From the PowerUp to the CrankUp to the UpWrite and SquaredUp we've got almost as many stand up desks as Santa has reindeer. Call us today at 615-350-7085 to discover which desk is right for you.

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