Sitting in front of a blank screen piece of paper or empty storyboard can be daunting. What to do when all of your good ideas seem to be used up and you still need to come up with more innovative ideas for your project? Enter: the UpWrite.

UpDesk's UpWrite is a white desk that features a whiteboard desktop instead of a regular laminate top. It's the perfect way to help you get out of a funk so whether you need to come up with a new painting new strategy or new invention the UpWrite desk can help you out.

Stand Up for Inspiration

Standing during meetings is actually really important for encouraging fluid creativity. If you're a standing desk user you know that standing can make you more focused and productive and with that added power for brainstorming. By standing at your stand up desk you'll get those creative juices flowing. Whether you're in a home office by yourself or in a company of thousands of employees standing and walking encourages people to be free open and relaxed with their ideas.

Write It Out

Sometimes it helps to write out ideas whenever one comes to mind. With the UpWrite always right below you you can easily jot down the problem the problem that needs solving or the question that needs answering. Throughout the week you'll pass this question many times and your brain will kick into gear almost subconsciously. Let everyone on the team write down the thoughts they have throughout the week and by Friday you should have a desk full of ideas. Compile them and see what you and your colleagues unearthed.

Keep It Small

Brainstorming sessions can be intimidating and convoluted when there are too many people involved. Research shows that five to seven people (and no more than ten) is a great size for brainstorming as it involves employees with different personalities strengths and ideas.

Brainstorming can be an invigorating and extremely helpful tactic when you and your fellow employees hit the bottom of the inspiration well. So get everyone up from their desks and around the brainstorming table. You'll get some new ideas raring to go in three two one...

If you're ready to get brainstorming and start a standing desk revolution at your office head on over to the website to order your UpWrite today! And if you have any questions before you order give us a call at 615-350-7085 or email us at

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