Are you still trying to decide if it's time to make the switch to a stand up desk? Have you already decided to take the plunge but are still trying to figure out which desk from our custom line fits you best? We've got great news for you. And it's coming in writing on your brand new UpWrite desk.

The UpWrite height adjustable desk (and it's slightly more edgy partner the UpWrite Midnight) is the perfect desk. Whether you're working long hours at the office and gunning for that promotion brainstorming for your next big idea or just need a place to doodle and jot down notes the UpWrite has got you covered. Literally. With an entire desktop of blank erasable space this is a desk that is just begging for your unique creativity. And speaking of creativity the UpWrite is a lot more than just a desk. It's also a great way to build camaraderie with all the other people in your office. Here are some of our favorite ways to use this versatile stand up desk to get to know your coworkers.

1. Host a Happy Hour - Clear off your desk and host a little after-work happy hour at the end of the day. Choose a few refreshing summer drinks or take a few cues from our Christmas treat menu and invite people to your office (or cubicle) for some quality time away from all the spreadsheets and staff meetings. With the whiteboard top of the UpWrite you can even label all your goodies right on your desk.

2. Have a Drawing Contest - Kick up the friendly office competition by inviting fellow staffers to stop by your desk and sketch out their best doodle. Once everyone's had a fair shot take a vote to see which desktop drawing wins. Have little prizes - like brand new dry-erase markers - or even medals of honor for the winners. Heck you can even make it an event in your very own office Olympics!

3. Throw a Brainstorming Party - Did you know that standing improves group collaboration? Working from your stand up desk will encourage more creative and collaborative group work. And with the UpWrite's ability to jot down all your great ideas right on your desk you can supercharge that teamwork in no time.

4. Host a Mid-Day Stretching Session - One of the best benefits of a standing desk is that your body stays active and engaged all day instead of just sitting there slumped over in your office chair. And even though those midday blues affects the very best of us (even standing desk users) working from your height adjustable desk makes it super easy to take a five-minute break and shake off that afternoon slump. Why not institute a daily stretching session at your UpWrite desk and invite your coworkers to join? Pump up your favorite tunes jot your daily stretching (or yoga) routine on your UpWrite and pull everyone together for a ten-minute standing desk workout sesh. Worried about what your bosses might say? Fill them in on the benefits of taking those few minutes to refresh your body and mind and who knows they may want to join themselves.

Now you know. The UpWrite UpDesk isn't just for working hard it's one of the best ways to build teamwork and camaraderie among your coworkers. Call UpDesk at (615) 350-7085 and order yours today!

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