There's nothing like a little Christmas spirit. Red cups at Starbucks candy canes on Christmas trees and even some great holiday decorations for your stand up desk. And in the midst of all this merriment there's the office Christmas party. The best of them include cheap wine and bad dancing and the worst of them have something to do with Yankee Swap.

How do you celebrate the holidays without being roped into awful office parties? Throw your own... Better yet make it an end-of-day "open house" at your desk so that people can stop by on their way out the door grab some refreshments and not have to spend too much time making awkward small talk with their coworkers.

Here's the perfect menu for throwing a Christmas party...right at your UpDesk standing desk. Everything here can either be made early and saved for later or prepared right at your height adjustable desk.

The Drinks: Warm up the hearts of your fellow desk-elves with warm apple cider or peppermint hot cocoa. Barrow hot water from the office break room or if you have a height adjustable desk like the GeekBeat special edition desk with handy electric outlets right on top you can plug in an electric kettle and make drinks to order right at your desk. It's just one of the many benefits of a standing desk.

The Hors d'oeuvres: Balance out that sweet cider or cocoa with an appetizer that's savory and ricotta and parmesan dip. Make it ahead of time and just store it in the fridge at work until you need it. The best part about this easy hors d'oeuvre is that you can serve it with just about anything you want. Slice up a baguette throw some crackers around it or if you're feeling healthy cut up carrots bell peppers and broccoli for an appetizer everyone will love.

The Desserts: Following a savory appetizer like cheesy crudites desserts put the icing on the cake (literally) of a successful Christmas party at your height adjustable desk. Try rosemary pecan shortbread bars or Nutella brownies from The Yellow Table for a sweet treat that will have your coworkers thinking you invented Christmas itself.

With this fail-safe Christmas finger-food menu you'll be inspiring holiday cheer all over the office without the pains of an awkward Christmas party. But keep your quantities limited.. The more you make the more they'll be coming back for more and then you'll never get home for the holidays.

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