Gone are the days of fluorescent lights and cramped cubicles. In recent years the design trend has changed dramatically in favor of offices that are filled with natural light and innovative meeting spaces. Without further ado here are some of the coolest offices in the world:

1. Google

According to Google spokesman Jordan Newman the tech giant's goal is to "create the happiest most productive workplace in the world." Some of the company's most unique features include meeting rooms that look like hot air balloons conference rooms that are modeled after Broadway theaters slides that allow workers to easily navigate from one floor to the next and conversation areas that look like vintage subway cars. In addition the company serves free breakfast lunch and dinner in its gourmet cafes and outdoor patios. Google also gives engineers the option of designing their own desks out of materials that resemble gigantic Tinker Toys. Many employees opt for standing desks instead and several attach treadmills so that they can create ergonomic desks. As if those perks aren't enough Google offers subsidized massages free once-a-week eyebrow shaping free yoga and Pilates classes and health consultations.

2. Facebook

Facebook aims to make their sprawling company headquarters feel more like a college campus than an office. The social media company aims to foster self-expression and creativity in its employees through allowing them to create their own art write on the walls and design wall hangings. Bold bright pieces of art are scattered throughout the expansive campus. The company also contains beautiful outdoor picnic areas game rooms colorful conference rooms and restaurants that serve free meals each day. Some of the other main perks are free bikes that workers can ride from one meeting to another a candy shop filled with frozen yogurt ice cream and baked goods an on-site barber shop and a classic video game arcade. Each workstation is equipped with manual height adjustable desks. However mechanically adjustable stand up desks are also available on request.

3. Inventionland Design Factory

Founder George Davison stated "The best work comes out of the spirit of play." True to its name Inventionland employed plenty of imagination and creativity when designing their headquarters. Employees work in 16 different themed sets such as a pirate ship a treehouse a pet shack a cupcake kitchen a giant robot and a castle (complete with a drawbridge). The unique office space also boasts three running waterfalls grass-lined sidewalks and lifelike trees. Employees can also opt for height adjustable desks.

Did you notice any similarities between these three awesome places to work? That's right they all offer standing desks for their employees. Standing desks improve productivity and concentration protect employees' health and prevent sore necks and stiff backs. Even if you work in a more traditional office you can still bring the glory of the standing UpDesk to your office space. Contact us today for information about how to buy your very own UpDesk!

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