If you haven't heard about the Spooner Board Pro from UpDesk get ready to have your minds blown my friends. This new accessory exclusively from UpDesk is the perfect accessory to your height adjustable desk boasting a ton of amazing benefits that come with using a balance board instead of the typical office chair at your desk. Plus it comes in an awesome orange that will have you rocking and rolling (literally) in no time - not to mention totally in sync with your Orange UpDesk.

Just one of the amazing benefits of using a balance board at your standing desk are all the great core exercises that practically do themselves while you're standing at your desk. There are lots of ways to stay fit with your standing desk but now the balance board opens up an even greater range of possibility. And you can do it all at the same time you're typing up that report or sitting through that awkward conference call...

Just Stand There - You heard me right. Just standing still on your balance board (or trying to) will actually help strengthen your core muscles. With all that wobbling your muscles - especially your core muscles - will be forced to engage to keep your body balanced and stable. So yeah - just stand there.

Simon Says Stand On One Foot - If the simple act of balancing is just too easy for you lift up one leg and see how much more intense it becomes. Position yourself at the center of your Spooner Board and balance on one foot without letting either side touch the ground...and without holding onto your height adjustable desk for support. Remember to keep your abs and back tight and maintain correct posture and switch to the opposite leg after 30 seconds.

Rock 'n Roll - Once you're holding on to a steady balance (without holding onto your standing desk) slowly lean back and forth and left to right making each side of your Spooner Board touch the ground while you maintain balance at your center. Make sure your back and stomach muscles are engaged and move at a slow and steady pace. Repeat this rocking and rolling motion for 60-second intervals.

Twist 'n Shout - For a full core workout you want to make sure to target those obliques running along the sides of your body as well. Start centered and balanced on your Spooner Board and slowly rotate your waist to one side and then the other. Be sure to tighten your abs back and hips and keep your lower body facing forward while the upper half twists. Repeat 10 times.

The Classic Squat...But Not Really - As if normal squats weren't hard enough try doing them on a balance board and just see how hard your core muscles work. Start with your feet hip-width apart at either end of your Spooner Board with your legs straight. Once you have balance without gripping your stand up desk slowly bend your knees to a sitting position while keeping your head and shoulders in a vertical line. Don't lean forward or let your knees fall in front of your toes but engage your core muscles to sink deeper into the squat...and keep yourself from falling off. Slowly repeat 7 times.

With these quick and easy balance board exercises to strengthen your core at your stand up desk you'll notice the benefits almost immediately. Not only do simple moves like the ones above tone and define your stomach to help you get those six-pack abs having a strong core also majorly helps prevent and reduce back pain and will even improve your overall posture. If you're ready to get six-pack abs today (okay maybe not that quickly) give us a call give us a call at 615-350-7085 and order your Spooner Board Pro today!

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