When you invest in an office desk you want to make sure it fits your every need. The color correct height functionality and other attributes should all be conducive in making your work day a little easier. That's why we at UpDesk offer a custom standing desk option. That's right it's our state-of-the-art desk specifically designed for your desk needs.

If you're interested in a custom UpDesk you need to first check out UpDesks' CrankUp and PowerUp desks to decide whether you'd prefer a manual or a touch-of-a-button adjustment.

The frame of each desk is available in either black or titanium and you can have your pick. Both of these colors are relatively neutral and will most likely go well in your office.

After you decide on a CrankUp or PowerUp and the color frame you'll need to do a little math. Decide on your preferred desktop dimensions as well as the type of desktop you want: straight-front or curved. If you'd like we can even add one or several grommet holes at no extra charge.

Then comes the fun part which is our desktop color choices. Our customers who choose a custom computer desk can choose from 328 laminate color options here. Laminate colors and designs ranging from Aqua Fizz to Eggplant and Mountain Passage are all yours for the choosing and with over 300 to choose from you're bound to find one--or twenty--that you like.

Once you decide on type of desk dimensions type of desktop and color, contact us. Or if you simply need some help deciding on your custom design elements feel free to shoot him an email to gain a little insight from someone within the UpDesk community.

Here's the best part about a custom UpDesk... The only difference between our standard desks and custom desks is the lead time which is 3-4 weeks; there is no extra cost involved.

What are you waiting for? If you're on board to buy some new home office furniture including a new standing desk you can have one specifically created for you. Now that's something to get excited about!

*Have a question concern or something else to say? Email 'WhatsUp@MyUpDesk.com' or give us a call at 615-350-7085. Also be sure to visit our website UpDesk.com for the very latest.

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