You've recently purchased an UpDesk UpWrite or UpWrite Midnight - you are a standing desk revolutionary my friend. It's made its way to your house or office (in record time of course) you've put it together with ease and you're all set to use your height adjustable desk like a champ.

Where do you start? You could start working right away...or you could spend some time customizing that beautiful blank slate of a desktop that you now have thanks to the UpWrite's erasable writing surface. And what about those of you who have had your UpWrite standing desk for a while and are looking for new ways to spice up your life? Well as usual the UpDesk blog has your answer. Artists and illustrators like Nashville's Joel Anderson love the UpWrite for the blank canvas it provides - here are a few of our favorite ways to customize your UpWrite with your creativity too.

Stand Up Desk Nature Scenes

Bring the outdoors indoors. Draw the perfect outside scene to remind yourself that even though you're currently stuck inside the great outdoors is always waiting. Flowers trees a smiling sun - whatever gets you through the day and back outside to your happy place.

Office Caricatures from Your Standing Desk

Do you have office mates that can take a good-natured joke? Start your own caricature service and create loving comical renditions of all your coworkers. Avoid office drama by caricaturing things that everyone can laugh about - even your subjects.

Doodle All Over That Desk

If you're anything like me you can't draw a nature scene or friendly caricature to save your life. Heck you can barely draw a straight line. Never fear... With the erasable surface of the UpWrite you can easily practice all your drawing skillz. My personal favorites are figure eights lightening bolts and to practice my signature - over and over and over again. Exactly how you practiced it when you thought (and correctly so) that you would be awesome and famous one day.

Calendars Are For Winners

Looking for a way to keep your calendar right in front if you? Use a permanent marker to create an empty calendar grid and then switch back to the dry-erase markers to fill in dates and activities. That way when you've checked everything off your list and are ready to start a new month you'll still have a template.

Take Notes LIke a Boss

With its easily erasable surface the UpWrite is the writing desk of your dreams. Write your daily to-do list capture great ideas whenever they strike or just use it to remember your girlfriend's birthday or your wedding anniversary. Keep a tally of days that you've been without your office chair quickly jot down phone messages or record the awkward conversations you overhear at the water cooler. With a notepad always at your fingertips who knows what amazing things you'll come up with.

Get your creativity flowing and express yourself on your UpWrite or UpWrite Midnight. The sky's the limit to what this killer standing desk can help you accomplish... or how it can help you waste a few minutes before lunch. And once you've discovered new and exciting ways to use your desk let us know. Send UpDesk photos of your UpWrite in action and they might make it onto our monthly Instagram and Twitter roundup!

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