If you are the proud owner of a standing desk you not only have a gorgeous piece of office furniture that will keep you healthy--you also have the ability to get your groove on much easier than if you were sitting at a regular desk. And at the end of a long work day or after a frustrating conference call there's nothing better than shaking off your worries with a little bit of dancing.

There's no better way to dance in the office than in the space provided by kicking out your desk chair and using a standing desk. Have you ever seen anyone do The Centipede while sitting down? Me either.

Dancing is just an amazing benefit of being a stand up desk user and that's why I absolutely love scrolling through #StandingDeskDanceParty. It's a place where Twitter users (and standing desk fans) can bust a move use the hashtag and show off their best most creative and entirely applaudable dance moves. Or if you're more of a snapping kind of guy that's cool too. By looking through different song recommendations inspirational mantras and more can be found there.

Dance to the beat of your own drum find your favorite Spotify station and bust a move or two or twenty. Our Ultimate Summer Soundtrack and list of Killer Dance Moves will also be invaluable in your epic dance party. Party hard. Get down. All while working toward that next big promotion. Congratulations you multi-tasker you.

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