This is the fourth column in the lauded "Dear Kamron" series in which Kamron discusses office desks office politics and other work-related issues. This week Kamron takes questions about trends in office furniture. As always names and details are completely fictional except the details about UpDesks. Those details are completely true.

Dear Kamron

I'm a clothing designer for Lymytless a designer clothing company in Brooklyn so you know I love fashion trends. Everyone knows that high-waisted jeans are "in" right now and since we love pushing limits we've designed a pair of jeans with a waist so high it comes up to your shoulders. They're so fashionable that they're almost too trendy. (Almost!)

That got me thinking about my office desk and accessories. My love of fashion extends to my office space which is why I have a PowerUp standing desk with a desktop in designer colors. I love the ergonomic curve and the minimalist design but it got me wondering: Can office furniture (like my computer desk) ever be too trendy?

Signed High-Waisted in Williamsburg

Dear High-Waisted in Williamsburg

We love our designer desktop colors and we're glad you do too! To answer your question: No your computer desk can never be too trendy. That's because form follows function (as you doubtlessly understand since you design high-waisted jeans that go all the way up to your shoulders). Office desk style evolves out of necessity just like any other kind of fashion.

Computer desk style has become more minimal because we don't need as many office supplies as we did twenty years ago. We don't use reams of paper three-ring binders or fax machines anymore so we don't need as many giant drawers to hold all those things. However we do have more mobile devices than ever before and that's why your UpDesk standing desk has an ergonomic curve that allows you easy and efficient access to your entire desktop. We also care more about workplace health than ever before and that's why the standing desk was invented.

So to reiterate your workspace can never be too trendy because trends will always follow the need for better function. If they don't they won't become trends in the first place. Speaking of which I'm a little concerned about the functionality of these new jeans you've designed...

Happy Standing


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