This is the first in what will inevitably be a long series of advice columns in which Kamron discusses office desks office politics and other work-related issues. Names and details are completely fictional except when we're talking about UpDesks. Those details are completely true.

Dear Kamron

When I accepted my job at Allegiance Iron Smelting Co. I was assured that my office would be furnished with a standing desk and decent office supplies. Imagine the horror I felt on my first day when I discovered that my office didn't have an UpDesk! The office is furnished with a standing desk but the desktop is made of a solid slab of cast iron. What's the point of a standing desk that takes 30 minutes to raise to a comfortable working position?

signed "Wishing I had an UpDesk" in Pittsburgh

Dear Jeanette

It sounds like you're in a pretty heavy situation. The "Iron Man" movie series has misled a lot of office managers into thinking that iron is a practical material for use in office desk construction. Just because Iron Man appears to be lightweight and durable doesn't mean that a desk made of iron will be the same. The good news is that at UpDesk we use durable high-pressure laminate for our desktops. That's why it only takes a few seconds to raise a PowerUp or UpWrite to a comfortable position. And that's why you should have your office manager visit our website and pick out a computer desk that's more appropriate for you.

Happy Standing! - Kamron

Dear Kamron

I work for a large data center in Des Moines. It can be hard to focus on network architecture for ten hours a day so I like to draw little sketches (usually of turtles) on scrap paper while I work - it helps me to clear my thoughts. Unfortunately my desktop surface now bears hundreds of turtle-shaped scars because it's very soft and brittle. Fortunately our office manager is ordering UpDesks for us this time. Which model of UpDesk is the most durable?

signed "Donatello" in Des Moines

Dear Donatello

It's good to hear that your office is making such a wise business decision. You and your co-workers will be amazed at how much your productivity and focus improve when you have the option of standing at your desk. You don't have to worry about which of our UpDesks has the most durable surface because they're all incredibly tough. That's because they're made of high-pressure laminate that's over an inch thick. Our desktops are made to stand up to even the most aggressive turtle-sketching activities. And if you're really serious about your sketching consider an UpWrite - the standing desk with a desktop safe for use with dry-erase markers!

Happy Standing! - Kamron

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