This is the third column in the lauded "Dear Kamron" series in which Kamron discusses office desks office politics and other work-related issues. This week Kamron takes questions about the best accessories for standing desks. As always names and details are completely fictional except the details about UpDesks. Those details are completely true.

Dear Kamron

My PowerUp standing desk and I just celebrated our first anniversary together. It's been a great year and I'd like to get some sort of memento for my desk to celebrate all the good times we've had. I'm a stock broker by trade. My PowerUp is organized practical and business-minded (just like me) so it'd be nice to get something that we can both use. Do you have any suggestions?

Signed "PowerUp My Heart" in Poughkeepsie

Dear PowerUp My Heart

Ah young love. It does my heart good to hear of stories like yours. And it does your heart good to have a great piece of office furniture like an UpDesk standing desk because the combination of standing and sitting is healthy. Anyway on to your question. You said you and your computer desk are organized and business-minded and you mentioned that you're a stock broker. I'm guessing you have two or three computer monitors at your desk plus several other accessories. That means you've got power cables everywhere. I'd recommend something to help keep those cables organized. We have lots of great products to help with that. I think our cable channels (no not like cable television) are the best value. They connect to the bottom of your office desk and keep those cables out of the way.

Happy anniversary and happy standing!


Dear Kamron

I'm a phone salesperson for a company that manufactures and sells copper bracelets (you've probably seen them on infomercials). I do a lot of talking and it's usually the kind of talking that's really fast. I don't get the chance to leave my computer desk too often so I get really thirsty. I like to keep a bottle or cup of water at my desk but sometimes I talk so fast that I get excited and spill water everywhere. That doesn't damage my desk surface because (as you know) the SquaredUp has a high-pressure laminate surface that resists that kind of thing. But in my business I can't afford to lose focus. Do you have any suggestions?

P.S. - My favorite water comes in those square Fiji bottles.

Signed "Dehydrated in Dallas"

Dear Dehydrated in Dallas

I have one of those copper bracelets and let me tell you it's changed my life. Just kidding. But seriously we have just the product for you and I won't need to talk fast to get you to want it. It's our Standing Desk Cup Holder. It clamps safely and securely onto the edge of your office desk and it's square so your square bottle of Fiji will fit right into it. Of course any other normally-shaped bottle will fit too and if you're a coffee drinker it's even got a slot for the handle of a mug.

Stay hydrated and happy standing!


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