Due to the unprecedented success of our last "Dear Kamron" column we're following it up with another edition. As before Kamron gives real advice about office desks office supplies and office politics. As before Kamron's advice is factual; the specific situations are not.

Dear Kamron

I run Mad Cowbell Music an audio production company. I need a new desk for our corporate office which is small and is decorated with faux-mahogany paneling. It's very important that my new desk has the right dimensions and appearance for the office. In addition my job requires that I listen to a lot of music at my computer desk. When I do that I really like to "explore the space" if you know what I mean. I'd like a computer desk with contours that will allow me to do that. Do you have any recommendations?

Signed B. Dickinson Westchester

Mr. Dickinson

You're in luck! I think that the UpDesk PowerUp standing desk will be perfect for you. It's available in a mahogany finish that will look fantastic with the paneling in your office. Because you're in a small office I'd recommend that you order it in the smallest size 48" x 30". It should still have plenty of space for your computer office supplies and guitar. In addition it features a contoured indentation that will allow you to "explore the space" any time the music moves you.

Happy Standing! - Kamron

Dear Kamron

I work for the electric company in my town. Since we're in the utility business my boss is insistent that we be good stewards of electricity in our office. She won't let me get a standing office desk because she insists that it will run up our electric bill. I've looked at some manually-operated standing desks but I'm afraid they would require superhuman strength to raise and lower. Am I out of luck?

Signed Phil C. Laramie WY


As I was reading your letter it was almost as if a light turned on in my head. I have a great solution for you. Take a look at our CrankUp. It's manual so you won't need to worry about your electric bill. But the manual operation doesn't mean it's hard to use. The cranks on the CrankUp are specifically designed to be really easy to raise and lower.

Happy Standing! - Kamron

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