The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to add some extra pizzazz to your desk. We've already shown you how to decorate your office for Halloween so now that Halloween is over (RIP) we're going to focus on two other major holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas. With a little creativity and planning you can easily turn your UpDesk into one of the coolest desks in the building. Here are some surefire ways to delight and impress your coworkers with your mad decorating skills:

1. Thanksgiving Decorations

When decorating your desk incorporate some standard fall flair. A bowl of miniature pumpkins will add a fun pop of color to your height adjustable desk. A cornucopia filled with candy or fruit will also add some festive appeal to your desk. Be sure to offer some of the candy or fruit to your coworkers. If your coworkers bring their kids into the office you can easily lower your desk so that they can reach the cornucopia (yet another benefit of a height adjustable desk). Consider stringing fake leaves above your desk to bring a bit of fall indoors. You may also want to place a red or orange tablecloth over your desk to make your desk more colorful (or invest in our Orange PowerUp). These simple ideas will quickly add some color and charm to your desk. But if you're hankering for something more complex consider creating some of these crafts. You can finish each of these crafts in less than an hour but they'll add some homemade appeal to your desk. Another simple idea: place a Mason jar on your desk and encourage coworkers to write down their blessings on sticky notes and put them in the "Thanksgiving jar."

2. Christmas Decorations

As far as Christmas decorations are concerned the sky's the limit. You might want to start by adding some fake snow to your desk. Next you can add some sparkly pinecones or holly berries to the mix. You can also consider hanging a wreath on your door or over your UpDesk. You can also make paper angels to hang in your cubicle. You could even glue candy canes to a jar and use it as your new pen and pencil holder. There are dozens of other easy ways to add Christmas charm to your office. Think about your favorite parts of Christmas and seek to incorporate those aspects into your decorating style. Some people enjoy hanging up an Advent calendar; others love decorating with Santa Claus. Some people enjoy decorating their office with red and green streamers; other opt for a more traditional snow-covered office. There's one way you can't go wrong though: bake some Christmas cookies and offer them to your coworkers. Christmas cookies are the perfect way to make new friends and build office community.

Decorating for the holidays is a simple and fun way to bring some extra cheer to your desk. By following these budget-friendly ideas you'll have your UpDesk ready for the holidays in no time. If you have any non-holiday (or holiday) related questions about your UpDesk be sure to contact us today. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have!

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