Over the past few years as companies like Google and Facebook redefine pretty much everything about the traditional working environment lots of businesses are beginning to wonder how they too can make more productive and empowering workspaces for their employees. Although adding a few plants or getting better coffee for the break room isn't always enough. A recent article in Fast Company reveals that creating a work environments that motivates and encourages employees to do their best work take a little more elbow-grease than you may have thought.


Before you can begin any changes you have to know what needs to be changed right? The first step in successfully creating a better working environment for your employees is to actually listen to what they need and want. It could be that all you need is a few plants and better coffee but chances are your staff is looking for more systemic and sustainable change. And as luck would have it what they want and what your business needs to run more cohesively and successfully are probably one in the same.

"Research requires asking hard questions about a company's ability to create a rewarding work environment be socially and environmentally conscious allow for flexibility and empower people and ideas." Says Fast Company. "Those organizations willing to ask those hard questions undoubtedly gain strategic insight relative to their business."


Helpful data will only turn into helpful action when there's a logical plan in place to make it happen. After you've done your due diligence don't dive right in - make a plan. Set goals assign project managers and even create methods of measurement to ensure how well your plan is working. Do all of this before any desks are moved or walls are painted and you'll be much more likely to have successful results without making your employees even more stressed than they were before all the changes.

Shake Things Up... As a Team

Once you know what to do (research) and how to do it (strategize) get your employees involved with the changes so they know what's going on and why. Let them take ownership of their personal workspaces and have a say in how new common space is designed and how the space will best empower them to work more effectively. Employees who feel heard and can take part in helping design a better work environment are much more likely to stick with your company for the long-run and produce work that will consistently get better and better.

Add UpDesk

Once you've decided on the best layout and design for your office the most important element is the individual workspaces for each employee. Allowing your staff to pick their desk or other office furniture can go a long way in helping them feel empowered and motivated. And if you're still looking for a way to keep your office looking cohesive while meeting the unique needs of your employees what better way than getting height-adjustable desks from UpDesk. All our desks meet intense quality standards and will look great whether your employees are using them as a standing desk or with an office chair and choosing to sit. Not only that if you encourage your employees to embrace the stand up desk life you'll automatically be encouraging them to have more energy think more creatively and even lower their risk of cancer and other major health issues. We're sure your employees will thank you for that!

If you're ready to jump-start your office redesign for increased productivity and motivation for your employees give UpDesk a call today at 615-350-7085 or email us at WhatsUp@UpDesk.com. We would love to help you discover new ways to empower your staff!

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