When you're shopping for a new standing desk there are several things to consider. The physical styling of an office desk is important as is the functionality. And of course you're going to think about price. Those things are pretty obvious. But here's a thought that's a little less obvious. You've probably never thought about the differences in leg quality between various standing desks but it's a good idea. And since I recently received a "Dear Kamron" email about this very topic I thought I'd share both the email and my response.

Dear Kamron

I'm in need of an UpDesk to replace my current standing desk (which was made by another company). I wanted to give the back story in case it helps you make a better recommendation. I'm an accountant. As you can imagine things get pretty crazy around tax season and every day my boss dumps huge boxes full of audit files on my desk. A lot of times it won't raise all the way up to a comfortable standing height. I couldn't figure out why but then I happened to notice that my current computer desk is only rated for 155 pounds and I'm concerned that it's going to collapse. I need something with legs strong enough to support my computer monitor office supplies and a few fifty-pound boxes of audit files. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Signed "Can't be left without a leg to stand on"

Dear "Can't be left without a leg to stand on"

Thanks for bringing up this topic. Let me start off by saying that there are BIG differences in the quality of legs between various desk brands. When you're looking at a new computer desk for your office it's easy to focus on the desktop but it's important that you don't skimp when it comes to the quality of the legs of your standing desk. After all as an accountant you know that your firm doesn't want to keep replacing computer desks for its employees.

You didn't mention the specific brand of office desk you own but there are plenty of standing desks on the market that can't support that amount of weight. Fortunately our PowerUp SquaredUp and UpWrite models are all "up" to the task. (See what I did there?) And you can raise and lower with confidence because if you have any questions after you get your new desk our customer service staff is up to the task too.

Thanks for your interest and "happy standing!"

- Kamron

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