We know you've heard all about the epically awesome benefits that come from standing while you work. We don't need to list them all for you...but we will. Burn calories. Stay fit. Don't get cancer. Get more work done. Dance it out. Sitting is the new smoking which makes standing...pretty much the best thing ever.

But what do you do if you can't invest in a height adjustable desk like the UpWrite whiteboard desk or SquaredUp corner desk? What if you're still stuck in those office cubicles with the built-in desktops and insanity-inducing faux walls? Don't fear. At UpDesk we're in the business of helping you live a healthy life even if you have to start with a homemade stand up desk. Here are three do-it-yourself standing desk solutions that can work inside your cubicle and will have you kicking aside that office chair in no time.

1. Books Baby

Everyone has books and now you can use them as a makeshift standing desk. Just pile up those old textbooks and use a longer piece of wood to make a secondary desktop (as an even more innovative alternative you can use a bunch of soda cans like the lead image above) Sure your desk will look a little bit like a library with stacks of books everywhere but at least you'll be able to stretch those legs and stay healthy while you work.

2. Speaker of the House

Who doesn't love a good podium? With just a few planks of wood and some nails you can create this perfect platform for your computer and even keep the space underneath open for papers and reports... or hiding those freshly baked cookies you know everyone in the office will steal if they see them.

3. Hang Out

You've got weird fake half-walls instead of an actual office? Make the best of it by hanging your stand up desk off the top of your cubicle. With sturdy straps a few extra shelves (pull them out of your bookcase if you need to) and some brackets you can easily make tiered standing desk like the one shown above. Or you can actually buy a ready-made hanging desk from Ninja Standing Desk which also just happens to have one of the coolest names ever. The downside of this option is that it's not height adjustable. The upside? Add fasteners to attach it to the wall and save some space when you're not using it.

With these easy DIY solutions you'll be well on your way to standing while you work even if you're still fundraising for your UpDesk. Our desks - like the UpWrite and PowerUp - will be here waiting whenever you're ready to take a stand full-time. Who knows maybe your bosses will see your dedication to standing and be so impressed by your creativity and general ability to MacGyver a standing desk of your very own that they'll promote you... or at least buy you a height adjustable desk of your very own!

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