We're settled firmly in the middle of winter which means that we're settled firmly in the middle of cold and flu season. But while you're coworkers may fall prey to the bug you don't have to be one of them. With these five easy tips (and a little help from your standing desk) you'll be able to stay healthy at work and save those sick days for a rainy day...somewhere tropical and far away from your office.

  1. Stay Away from the Coffee - It's not that coffee will actually make you sick (although we do think lots of other drinks are better) - it's that communal coffee pot. The office coffee pot gets handled by everyone including those poor sickies who just need that java to get through the day. If the person who regularly brews coffee for the office is sick do a good deed and take over the task until they're all better. And make sure you clean the coffee pot every night before leaving the office
  1. Keep Cool - Okay okay we know that lots of people complain about office temps at work. It's too cold it's too hot it's never just right for anyone. But when it comes to staying healthy during cold season keeping the office thermostats turned lower will actually make a big difference. Cooler temperatures kill germs (hence why you're doctors office often feels like walking into the Arctic Tundra) and as an added bonus they'll actually help you stay more focused and productive... just like your stand up desk.
  1. Wash Your Hands - Washing your hands is an obvious way to keep yourself from getting sick when everyone else around you is coughing and sneezing. But you should also try to clean and sanitize shared office supplies regularly and maybe even avoid sharing when flu season hits...or just don't ask for that pencil back when your sick coworker borrows it during a staff meeting.
  1. Eat (and Drink) Right - Want to build up your immune system and keep the common cold at bay? Eat your fruits eat your veggies and drink lots of water. And when you eat a healthy breakfast you set yourself up for a day of energy and focus so you can dodge all those rogue sneezes.
  1. Stay Standing - Standing at a height adjustable desk while you work isn't just about looking cool it's about staying healthy. And with all the immediate and long-term health benefits of a standing desk you're body will be primed and ready to fight the common cold when all those poor desk sitters are falling prey to it in the middle of winter.

There you have it - five easy ways to keep the office cold at bay and say hello to extra vacation days. And with all the amazing work you're sure to accomplish while your virus-infested coworkers are trying to get better that year-end bonus check is practically a given. So go ahead use those extra dollars and treat yourself to a height adjustable desk from UpDesk. Contact us today at (615) 350-7085 to order the perfect standing desk for you - whether it's with the erasable surface of the UpWrite or convenient corners of the SquaredUp.

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