Picture this: you're slumped over in your office chair fighting those mid-afternoon blues and trying to keep your focus at your desk. While this is an all-too-common occurrence at office buildings all over the world UpDesk knows that it doesn't have to be this way.

Whether we're giving you some bright ideas on how to beat the mid-afternoon slumpproviding you with a few healthy and energizing drink options or showing you just some of the amazing benefits of a standing desk like the SquaredUp corner desk UpDesk is always on the lookout for ways to help you stay motivated productive and successful at work.

And now we've got one more trick-of-the-trade for improving your focus...and you may be surprised by what it is: fidgeting. According to a handy-dandy article from our friends over at Lifehacker fidgeting is actually a helpful tool in staying on track. A bunch of researchers got to studying the nature of movement in helping children with ADHD focus better and they discovered a surprising theory - that nobody can actually focus 100% of their brain power on one single task.

"There is always a little bit of floating attention keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings." Says Lifehacker citing research from the ADHD researchers. "This floating attention is a safety feature that probably dates back to prehistoric times when the ability to focus 100% on a single task was not entirely desirable and would result in a person missing the large ravenous beast hiding in the bushes..."

Applying that logic to children with ADHD a great way to cope with a wandering mind is to give that "floating attention" a little mindless task to keep it occupied while the majority of the brain can focus on the actual task at hand.

Along with a new great excuse for being distracted during a staff meeting you now have a great reason to bring that stress ball or doodle pad into meetings.

Here's the really great news: with a standing desk from UpDesk helpful fidgeting can happen almost automatically. When you spend the day standing at your desk you're more likely to continuously be switching positions or moving around - keeping "your floating attention" busy while the rest of you stays focused. Not only does standing at a height adjustable desk help you burn calories and be more productive now it's built-in fidget capacity will help you stay focused all the livelong day. And since doodling is a great way of fidgeting to focus now might be a great time to invest in the UpWrite standing desk with an erasable whiteboard surface.

Call UpDesk today at 615-350-7085 to order your UpDesk height adjustable desk today and let the fidgeting - and focus - begin!

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