On the UpDesk blog we talk a lot about all the great benefits of a standing desk and how using one can help improve everything from your productivity to your positivity. But what about all the amazing health benefits of a stand up desk? You now know that standing at your desk can help keep 34 chronic conditions at bay. But did you also know that a height adjustable desk won't just keep bad things away it will actually bring healthy improvements your way. Here are five health benefits of a standing desk.

1. Increase Your Flexibility and Range of Motion - When you stand while you work your body is in a constant state of incremental motion. Of course you still move around while you're sitting too but it's much less when you're sitting low in your office chair slumped over your computer screen. Conversely when you stand at your desk your whole body is engaged - from the balls of your feet to the vertebrae in your back and neck. This means that when you stand you're improving your body's ability to move and react...without even trying.

2. Decrease Your Risk of Obesity - So here's the great thing about working from a height adjustable desk: just by pushing that little button to raise your desk to standing position (or turning the wheels if you have one of the affordable CrankUp models from UpDesk) you'll automatically start burning calories. Standing helps you break down sugars and fats in a much more effective and efficient way than sitting and by standing at your desk just a few hours a day you can lose around 8lbs. of fat every year.

3. Increase Your Brain Power - Just like standing helps you burn more calories it also helps keep your blood circulating more efficiently without the need to fight with a sitting and stagnant body. When your body stays engaged fresh blood and oxygen will flow seamlessly to your brain keeping your mind sharp and focused. Plus did you know that fidgeting can actually help you stay focused at work? With the built-in ability to let your lower body fidget while your brain stays focused on the task at hand a standing desk will keep you productive and successful all day.

4. Decrease Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease - We've talked before about how using a stand up desk can help you kick cancer to the curb but did you also know that it can also lower your risk of other major illnesses like cardiovascular disease? According to research findings people who spend more than two hours sitting every day have a 125-percent increased risk of health problems associated with cardiovascular disease like chest pain and heart attacks. It's a good thing you have a standing desk to help combat those scary stats.

5. Increase Your Lifespan - Well if there's only one reason you need a stand up desk it's this. Making the lifestyle switch from sitting to standing will actually help you live longer. The more you stand the more you protect and strengthen your DNA...and the longer you live.


With all the amazing health benefits of a stand up desk aren't you ready to get your hands on a height adjustable desk from UpDesk right now? Give us a call at (615) 350-7085 and discover all the possibilities - from the innovative SquaredUp corner desk to the UpWrite the first-ever standing desk with a dry-erase board for a desktop. We've got everything you need to make the switch today!

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