Any UpDesk fan or standing desk user knows this by now: sitting for prolonged periods of time is dangerous unhealthy and even deadly. If you want a few refreshers on the real negative effects that sitting in a desk chair on a couch or sprawled out anywhere cause to your body be sure to check out MindBodyGreen's infographic.

Here are five takeaways from it--and there is much more information to be gleaned from this great visual.

1. In 150 years we have gone from a society that stood or walked for 90% of the day to one that sits for 60%. That's a big deal.

2. 50-70% of people spend 6 or more hours of sitting each day. And then multiply it by the number of days in a week ... and you get the picture: it's a ton of sedentary hours.

3. Even one hour of daily exercise (your morning run or your afternoon yoga class) cannot compensate for the negative effects of sitting. We've already done the preaching on how sitting negates workout benefits.

4. Reducing sitting to fewer than 3 hours a day could increase life expectancy by 2 years.

5. After having a sit-stand desk installed in their workspace 87% of workers felt more comfortable and energized.

Those are just five simple takeaways from the infographic. And hopefully a few of them got you thinking about adding a stand up desk into your home office or workplace if you don't already have one. Treadmill desks or standing desks such as the UpWrite or PowerUp will help you be well on your way to boycotting the negative effects of sitting ... and even adding two years to your life. What are you waiting for?

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